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Vehicle, Aircraft and Marine Vessel Services
Any environment can be the target of intelligence gathering where private meetings or discussions take place and confidential or proprietary information is involved. This can include personal trips and functions, social events, business meetings, political campaigns, media events and protective operations.

Our vehicle, aircraft and marine vessel services are performed by trained TSCM Specialists, experienced in these specific unique environments, providing our clients with a complete range of specialized technical security services and programs.
Vehicle Services
Often clients will have concerns about their vehicles including wireless transmitters, audio recorders and GPS tracking devices. Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides TSCM services for vehicles of any type and size at a flat rate and as a stand-alone
If a business or residential TSCM service is performed, two (2) vehicles are included as part of the service at no additional charge.
If a vehicle inspection is performed as a stand-alone service, we will include two (2) vehicles as part of the inspection. Each additional vehicle inspection required will incur an additional fee.
Aircraft Services 
Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides TSCM services for any type and size of aircraft whether it be for commercial airline, privately owned, corporate, government, law enforcement or specialized military application.
Services can be performed in a stationary ground environment as well as real time monitoring during flights as required. Safety is
our first priority when working in any environment involving aircraft.
* Please be advised that the presence of a flight engineer may be required during services performed on aircraft.
* Prices are dependent on the type and size of aircraft and are quoted on an individual basis.
Marine Vessel Services
Our marine vessel services can be provided for vessels of any type and size for private individuals or corporations, marine base
law enforcement units, Coast Guard, government, military or commercial applications.
Real time monitoring services are available during extended trips, meetings or events. 
* Prices are dependent on the type and size of marine vessel and are quoted on an individual basis.


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