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Identifying the Warning Signs
There are many signs common to individuals or organizations that have been compromised. However, it should be noted that
none of these signs are in themselves conclusive evidence of compromise and there may be other reasons for such signs not related to spying, eavesdropping or espionage. While similar lists of signs can be found, we include them simply as points to think about in relation to an overall situation, not as conclusive evidence or proof of compromise.
Possible signs of compromise may include:
  • Other parties are aware of confidential information.
  • Information during private meetings or conversations has become public.
  • Your activities are known by people when they shouldn’t be.
  • Static or popping sounds on your phone lines.
  • Noise from phones that are not in use.
  • Tones or high-pitched sounds heard when the phone is picked up.
  • Televisions or radios begin exhibiting interference.
  • A break in has occurred but nothing is taken.
  • Electrical and light switch wall plates have been tampered with.
  • Gifts from vendors, customers, friends, or other objects appear without your knowledge.
  • Dry wall or ceiling tile debris is visible on desks, tables or floors.
  • Ceiling tiles are broken or out of place.
  • Unknown vehicles appear nearby and remain for periods of time.
In many cases intuition can also be an accurate factor or sign. If you have any concerns, contact us without delay to discuss your situation.
* Always remember, when contacting us by phone, please ensure you are calling from a payphone, cellular phone or land line that
is located outside of the immediate suspect environment.

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