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Shearwater TSCM
Shearwater TSCM is a respected manufacturer of professional TSCM products utilized for technical security services around the world with a reputation for quality, durability, equipment design, and customer service. 
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to be the Exclusive Authorized Distributer of Shearwater TSCM professional products
for North America.
For more information on Shearwater TSCM products including pricing and quantity order discounts, please contact Rick Fox at rick@waypointcs.ca.
Hunter XD Differential Broad Band Detection System
The Hunter XD is the latest version of Shearwater TSCM's differential broad band
detection system. The system is unique in that it looks for a difference in signal levels
across two antennas to detect transmitters in the near field while providing direction
finding capabilities to locate transmitters, unlike other conventional near field detection equipment.
The wired mic is one of the most neglected areas for many TSCM operators, in spite of the fact that it is the first choice for many professional attack teams.
Bloodhound is a wired microphone detection system developed by the designers while in government service. Bloodhound is a fully portable acoustically stimulated microphone detection system use by Technical Security Inspection Teams.

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