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STS Stereophonic Stethoscope (STS)
The stereophonic stethoscope (STS) is designed to recover the acoustical information received through various construction fabrics such as walls, ceilings, plaster and doors within buildings. It is the preferred stethoscope used by both Police and the Military around the world. It has a proven background in operational effectiveness when used by EOD Teams where the recovery of sound from the likes of timing devices and electronic switches in Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) is critical.
This high quality device is the preferred listening solution for use by professionals engaged in varied operational roles. It is small and lightweight, engineered to the highest quality and produces unsurpassed stereo results from the object to be monitored. By simply placing the detector heads into the wall the sound will resonate and produce outstanding results.
  • High quality DAC and ADC samples the Audio signal to very high frequency (over-sampling technique) in order to improve the characteristics of all audio paths.
  • An five-band equalizer algorithm allows you a clear audio path.
  • The two knobs and the frontal LED panel is all that is required for simple device setup.
  • The Host Full-Speed USB Port allows the use of a memory stick for recording all audio in uncompressed format.
  • The major advantage to this device is its lightweight nature and handheld design.
  • Best quality components currently available in the market.
  • Little training is required to operate the device.
  • Full-Speed USB Port for live recording of audio.
Technical Specifications
Delivery Set
  • 1 x STS Amplification Unit
  • 2 x External sensors
  • 1 x Sennheiser Stereo headphones with a 3.5mm jack plug fitted.
  • 1 x Operational black carry case and strap
  • 1 x Equipment case
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* 2 year warranty

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