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Technical Support and Operator Training
Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides technical support and operator training for RadioInspector software and Wi-Fi Inspector systems.
Technical Support:
  • Product technical support is available to all Waypoint Counter Surveillance customers.
  • Support is delivered free of charge at any time via e-mail.
  • Half day and full day live online video conference support is also available to our customers via pre-arranged scheduled appointments.
  • Product updates will be announced on our web site and are provided to existing customers as they become available. Updates are programmed and delivered to each customer's specific security dongle number for programs purchased.
  • General software updates are provided free of charge. New program additions or features may require a purchase.
Operator Training:
  • 3 day operator training is available to customers by request.
  • Scheduled programs can be held at customer locations or in Canada as required.
  • Training options can also be delivered via online video conferencing.
Product Demonstrations:
  • RadioInspector and Wi-Fi Inspector demonstrations are provided online by scheduled appointment.
Project Support:
  • Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides technical support and assistance for customers projects, integrations and specialized requirements.
* Contact us for more information regrading customer technical support, training options and pricing. 

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