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Gas Data CO2 Hidden Person Detector              
The Data CO2 HIDDEN PERSON DETECTOR is one of the best resources for Law Enforcement,
Fire & Rescue, Prisons, Immigration, Border Authorities and Military units around the world to locate persons hidden and trapped in confined spaces and when used in conjunction with the CO2 Pearl
drop Rescue Probe is a highly effective tools in a variety of scenarios.
As CO2 is heavier than air, it is exhaled by humans trying to evade capture or those trapped in
confined spaces, and quickly builds up to a level where the detector locates the presence of high
levels of CO2 emissions very easily and clearly displays them on the hand held detector monitor
screen. The unit is supplied without the audible alarm turned on, so personnel can monitor quietly the CO2 response at the scene or location.
Please Note: If this alarm is required or preferred, please specify this at time of purchase.
The CO2 HIDDEN PERSON DETECTOR equipment and ancillaries are presented in a reinforced constructor case and includes a  CO2 analyzer, its charger, an under door probe (angled) and cut to penetrate all under
door gaps of 4mm and upwards, and also a long lance probe for the searching of lofts and vehicle spaces,
where it would ordinarily be too dangerous for personnel to carryout physical searches safely without injury. A leather pouch is also supplied.
All components that make up the CO2 HIDDEN PERSON DETECTOR are then foam mounted in the hard wearing protective
case with a full instruction manual supplied.
The CO2 HIDDEN PERSON DETECTOR equipment is used extensively by Police/Fire & Rescue and Military Search teams and
by Immigration & Border Agencies searching for illegal immigrants and those evading capture.
It has proved highly successful within the Prison Service community as well, for searching delivery vehicles leaving establishments. It continues to be used by many Fire & Rescue Organizations across the world, to locate buried or trapped persons still alive in disaster situations.
It has been directly responsible in locating large numbers of persons hiding in vehicles, containers and vessels during 2010/11 and is continually updated by the partnership to ensure they are the leading edge of this type of search technology.
The new CO2 Hidden Person Detector provides greater stability and reliability than the previous model and has been re-engineered to offer supervisor calibration adjustments and interface improvements.
Measurement Ranges: 0-10,000 ppm CO2 by volume 0-21% Oxygen by volume
Sample Flow Rate: Factory tested at 400ml / min
Operating Temperature Range: - 5 C to 40 C
Accuracy: Factory tested at + / - 40 ppm at 400 ppm equivalent to 0.4% of full scale
Sealing Against Humidity and Dust: PA6 enclosure material sealed to IP65
Fittings: All fittings are manufactured to meet all operational conditions
Size: 200 x 100 x 60
Search Flexibility: Hard and soft sided lorry sheets
Weight: 780 Grams
Long Battery Life When in Use: Run time > 10 hours per full charge

NATO STOCK NUMBER (NSN): 6665-99-152-2193

The CO2 Pearl Drop Rescue Probe
The optional CO2 Pear Drop Rescue Probe was designed for use by Rescue
Organizations and Fire fighters in their search for buried people in circumstances where
they may be trapped in confined spaces.
Its unique design allows the weighted probe to recover CO2 which is pumped along the
tube which can be supplied in any length, typically 25 meters long, and then analyzed by
the handheld monitor, to confirm the presence of human beings by simple readings.
It has been responsible for assisting Search and Rescue teams in many varied
applications in confirming the presence of individuals waiting for rescue in confined spaces around the world.
This unit is now used in many countries for this purpose and is regarded as a "must have" in rescue equipment.
* The detector can also be fitted with additional chemical cells to detect a wide range of other gases.
* Please request these upgrades prior to any orders.
* Contact us for pricing information
* Quantity discount pricing available
* 1 year warranty
* Delivery time is approx. 4 weeks

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