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Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) System
Advanced Specialized Radio Frequency Monitoring
and Digital Signal Analysis.
"The Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) System is a complete comprehensive, intuitive, radio frequency monitoring, detection, analysis and wireless signal intelligence solution. The Digital FAR features a high a performance RF receiver, MIL-STD processing hardware combined with the most advanced and powerful, professional TSCM and SIGINT software application, fully integrated for reliable seamless operation, all in a portable, robust and field ready quick deployment package."
The Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) System provides a cost effective wireless signals and spectrum analysis platform to acquire, process and analyze any RF signal and was designed for stand-alone, remote, mobile, temporary or permanent in-facility or area wide 24/7 spectrum monitoring applications.  
Software Application:
The Digital FAR system comes fully integrated with RadioInspector, the most advanced TSCM, spectrum monitoring and SIGINT software application, delivering unmatched comprehensive and highly sophisticated RF detection and analysis functionality including an extensive RF analysis toolkit, digital signal classification analysis and recognition system (SCARS), audio / video demodulation, 2D and next generation 3D waterfall displays, constellation display with real-time IQ and vector analysis, unlimited recording and storage of entire sweeps with variable speed playback and powerful post processing analysis capability, GPS and digital map support, 24x7 spectrum monitoring, optional Wi-Fi Inspector analysis system and much more.
Hardware Specifications:
  • Streaming Digital I/Q : 250kHz to 27MHz of selectable IF bandwidth. Automatic recording of all analogue audio.
  • 1TB SSD Total Disc Capacity.
  • 15” Monitor.
  • Bluetooth Adapter for identification of Bluetooth signals.
  • Approximately 2 hours fully autonomous operation time.
  • 9kHz to 6 GHz frequency range. 
  • Up to 26 GHz/s scan rate.
  • Resolution (RBW) 10Hz to 10mHz.
  • 140MB/Sec Data Transfer from analyzer to processor.
  • 14bit ADC.
  • 2 x Ethernet ports allowing full remote access capabilities.
  • Fully customized shock resistant case, waterproof and dustproof to IP67 rating, Handling ATA 300-1, Vibration, rainfall ASTM D-4169 DC-18, MIL-STD-810F.
  • RS232 for external triggering/launching of external program.
  • Antenna Support (9khz –2.5Ghz)(680Mhz-6Ghz).
  • Dimensions L457 x W330 x H175.
  • Weight 12Kg.
  • CE Conformity.
  • RF Compliant Under EC Reg 5(6/a of SI-240 of 2001), SI-197 of 2005, SI-292 of 2005.
  • Operating Temperature: 0 C to + 60 C 

  • Broadband near-field detector to 25 GHz.
  • Wi-Fi Inspector: Wi-Fi hardware/software network and device analysis system.
Support and Training:
  • Full North American and European support packages include telephone, e-mail and live online conferencing.
  • Training packages are available at one of our authorized training centers or via live online video conferencing.
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 * The Digital Far System is available exclusively through Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. and approved international distribution associates.

* For international sales, the Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) System will be fully compliant with all applicable export legislation including the requirement for end user certificates.


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