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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
Training Program
"Traditional Approach to the Emerging Global Threat"
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Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. in association with the World Institute for Security Enhancement are pleased to present a dynamic 5 day TSCM Certificate Training Program. This professional course is one of the few international TSCM courses available in North America and is a highly recommended for security professionals in the government and private sector. This program is designed to educate both current and developing TSCM operators, government personnel, security directors / managers, corporate personnel and those responsible for contracting TSCM services with the nature of eavesdropping threats and the ways these threats can be countered.
* World Institute for Security Enhancement is a highly respected provider of advanced specialized security training in a wide
variety of disciplines to Private Industry and Government Agencies around the world.

This "Technical Surveillance Counter Measures" program has been reviewed and is "Approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board". This Board regulates and licenses all Private Investigative, Security, & Counterintelligence activity within the State. completion of this TSCM program satisfies the educational requirement for obtaining an individual  license as a "Counter Intelligence Specialist" within the State of North Carolina.


To acquaint the security director and the Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM) inspector with the nature of the eavesdropping threat and the ways that it can be countered.  To provide the attendee with information that he can apply to his/her own situation when designing and maintaining eavesdropping defense.


The purpose of the "Technical Surveillance Counter Measures" program is to train attendees to ensure that they can apply a standard level of adequate and timely Security Policies and Procedures within Technical Surveillance Counter Measure environments.

Upon completion of this Continuing Professional Education training program, a Mounted Certificate is awarded in "Technical Surveillance Counter Measures".


The subject is presented in a series of lectures, demonstrations & practical exercises that include the following:




The eavesdropper's methods of physically penetrating his/her target are described as are their methods of concealing his eavesdropping devices.



Detailed descriptions of the detection devices used by the TSCM inspector in conducting inspections are accompanied by demonstrations that display their effectiveness.


The tactics to be used in conducting a TSCM inspection in ways that are most likely to deceive the eavesdropper are described. The use of a check list in that process to organize a sweep team's activities for maximum efficiency is included.



The features of a contingency plan to be used at the time that the eavesdropping activity is detected is described. A detailed check list of the things to be considered at the time of a discovery is included in this presentation.


Whether a special secure room is to be constructed or an existing room is to be made secure, this program is useful in illustrating the points of vulnerability that may be exploited by a professional eavesdropper. The ways that the vulnerabilities can be reduced are described.



Familiarization of various equipment types and established procedures are promoted and demonstrated throughout the training process. The applications & techniques of a professional sweep are stressed in our hands-on approach. This ensures that every participant gains the information necessary to assist in conducting a basic TSCM inspection in the field.

Upon successful completition of this training program, a Mounted Certificate of Completition will be awarded in "Technical Surveillance Countermeasures."


Instruction include practical hands-on demonstrations of devices from various manufacturers discussed in the program. 

The World Institute does not sell equipment or represent any manufacturers.



Continuing Education Units (CEU's) are nationally recognized units in qualified programs which allow participants to document all non-credit work completed. CEU's may be used as evidence of increased performance capabilities and for job advancement, and are recognized by many professional organizations and companies.


Documentation of attendance at these programs may be submitted to the ASIS Professional Certification Board for consideration of re-certification credit by qualified Certified Protection Professionals.



G. F. Bryant Jr.; CMAS, CHS-V; is the Founder and Executive Director of the World Institute for Security Enhancement and is a member of the Electronic Crime Task Force with the Miami Division of the U. S. Secret Service.  He has been granted a Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS) designation by the Anti-Terrorism Certification Board (ATAB) of the International Society of Anti-terrorism Professionals and is Chairman of it's International Standing Committee for Homeland Security.  He is Certified in Homeland Security at Level-V (CHS-V), the highest designation granted to Homeland Security professionals by the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security.
Mr. Bryant is an internationally recognized Physical, Operational and Technical Security Analyst, Contingency Planner and Educator with more than twenty five years of combined experience in physical& operational security, and investigation technologies. He founded The Bryant Group to provide threat assessment, risk analysis and systems integration after serving several years as the primary technician for a governmental law enforcement agency. He teaches and consults internationally on state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and operational procedures to managers, technicians and other security & loss prevention professionals in both government and private industry that include numerous Fortune 500 companies. The originator and developer of extensive technical, operational and managerial security & life safety programs at the university level, Mr. Bryant is active in the design, application, installation and field maintenance of Integrated Facilities Protection Systems utilizing the Total Facilities Management approach. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and exhibitions and his articles regularly appear in various security industry publications. Mr. Bryant is an active contributor to new product development projects for many international manufactures.
Mr. Bryant served as Chairperson of a Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International and is a Charter Member of a Chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA). He is a member of the South East Florida Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) and served on Committee F-12 on Security Systems & Equipment of the American Society for Test & Material (ASTM).  Mr. Bryant contributed to a monthly column on Systems Integration in Access Control & Security Systems Integration magazine and was the Technical Editor of International Corporate Security, a magazine published in the United Kingdom. He has been appointed to the advisory boards of Defense & Security Electronics, CCTV Applications & Technology, Access Control & Security Systems Integration, Security Technology & Design and Southeast Asia Fire & Security magazines.

Mr. Bryant’s new book, “Countering Terrorism & the Asset Threat Spectrum – Determining the Root Issues & Causal Effects of Terrorism and the Geo-Economic and Geo-Political Impact or Consequences of Countering Terrorism”, is due for publication from Auerbach Publications/CRC Press in  2012.

Doug Gould, CISSP;   is the Chief Information Security Officer at the World Institute for Security Enhancement, and is associated with The Bryant Group. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of computer security and forensics. Currently President of Gould Professional Services, Inc., he is an electrical engineer, computer scientist, computer security consultant and computer forensic examiner, with over 28 years experience in computer and security professions, including 14 years as a member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories.
He is a leader in providing security related services to Corporate Clients and Government Agencies. He has served as the principal architect for some of the world's largest e-commerce enabled businesses, and has led and managed security consulting services for a large Fortune 500 company. He has also held computer and network security responsibility for a U.S. government agency, including serving as the lead forensic investigator.

Mr. Gould served on the past Board of Directors of the Carolinas chapter of the Information Systems Security Association, and currently is the President of the Eastern Carolina InfraGard organization, one of the largest and most successful in the nation. He frequently assists law enforcement in investigations and has been called upon by the FBI and Secret Service for his expertise to assist in evidence recovery in major computer crime incidents.


Additional instruction may be provided by other faculty members, which might include:

Richard J. Heffernan, CPP;  is the President of R. J. Heffernan Associates Inc. based in Branford, Connecticut and is a member of the Board of Advisors at the World Institute for Security Enhancement. He is an internationally respected management consultant for corporations, institutions & government with over twenty five years experience. He Mr. Heffernan holds the Certified Protection Professional Designation (CPP) from the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). He is a recognized expert in the Prevention of Business Espionage including Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) as well as specializing in risk analysis, program design, development and implementation of security solutions concerning the protection of People, Property, Information and Communications.

A member and past Chairman of the National Standing Committee on Safeguarding Proprietary Information of the American Society for Industrial Security. He is the originator and co-author of three industry surveys including the Trends in Intellectual Property Loss, Special Report (ASIS, March 1996). This work is extensively quoted in the President's 1996 Report to Congress on Economic & Industrial Espionage. He had served as a consultant on National Security Affairs to the FBI National Security Division and as a member of the Industry Council for the National Counter Intelligence Center (NACIC). The recipient of several citations and awards including the ASIS President's Award, FBI Director Freeh has cited Mr. Heffernan for his continuing work with the intelligence community to improve the security awareness level of senior business executives. He has at the request of ASIS, testified before the United States House Judiciary Sub-Committee on Crime concerning the extent of economic and industrial espionage and the need for new federal legislation concerning protection of trade secrets.


Tim Johnson;   is a member of the Faculty at the World Institute for Security Enhancement and is the President and founder of  Technical Security Consultants, Inc.  His formal career in security began more than twenty years ago with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).

He received advanced training in the areas of electronic countermeasures (debugging), specialized investigative support (bugging), investigative photography, locks and alarms, barrier and physical defense, and other courses of instruction taught by the AFOSI, the CIA and the FBI, and was further certified as a Technically Trained Special Agent.

While Division Chief at Maxwell AFB, his division was responsible for providing all electronic countermeasures sweeps as well as investigative support for hostage, criminal, and counter espionage investigations, where they worked closely with the FBI and local state agencies. They also supported several worldwide Air Force criminal and counter intelligence investigations, working closely with middle and high level foreign governments officials.
Mr. Johnson worked at the NASA Johnson Space Center as a Physical Security/ Investigative Specialist. He developed the electronic countermeasures program to protect information relevant to classified Space Shuttle missions, and provided personal protection to various astronauts and their families, as well as in-transit security to the Space Shuttle and its 747 carrier aircraft.
Mr. Johnson assisted in establishing the electronic countermeasures program for protection of classified information at DOE headquarters. He provided support to Naval Nuclear Research facilities, SCIF's, closed sessions of Congress in energy related hearings, other nuclear related activities and technical support to other federal agencies located overseas.  Mr. Johnson has had articles published in various security magazines, publishes his own newsletter and has written two books.
Mario C. Martinez, M.B.A., CFE, CIFI;  is an internationally recognized Consultant in Telecommunication Security with a Master of Public Administration in International Affairs. Mr. Martinez is the Director of Administration at the World Institute for Security Enhancement and retired as Director of Security for Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co. directing all corporate security operations in the southern district of Florida. During his career he participated in a number of law enforcement task forces in Florida and Washington DC to enhance telecommunications technologies available for criminal investigations. During his tenure with Southern Bell he attended numerous management, technical, telecommunication, and investigative security courses. He has also developed and presented numerous programs in the areas of computer security and investigation.
Mr. Martinez has represented Southern Bell's business interests in the United States, Canada, and Spain. He was assigned to review security measures at Compania Telefonica Nacional de Espana (Telefonica) following terrorist bombing attacks directed at telephone company facilities in Madrid. He was later assigned to review telephone facilities security measures in Barcelona, Spain in connection with the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. He has been cleared "Top Secret" by the Department of Defense and the F.B.I.

Mr. Martinez is an active member of numerous associations including the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and a Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator (CIFI) from the International Association of Special Investigation Units.


M. Gregory Scott, B.S., CRS; is the Director of International Investigations at the World Institute for Security Enhancement and is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Association of Detectives (WAD). Prior to founding Scott& Associates Investigations, Inc. and Asia America Investigations, Mr. Scott was licensed as an Investigator/Adjuster with a number of national insurance providers. He has more than twenty years of hands-on experience licensed in Private Investigations and associated disciplines which have taken him to over fifty countries and forty-seven states. Such cases have included Executive/VIP Protection, Civil Liability, Murder, Arson, Sexual Assault, Missing Persons, Kidnapping, Recovery of Missing and Kidnapped Children, Bank Robbery, Extortion, Fraud, Executive Domestic Resolution, Government & Corporate Espionage and Electronic Eavesdropping CounterMeasures. He specializes in investigations in the USA, Asia, Africa, and Latin, Central, and South America from his offices in the United States of America and in Thailand, Southeast Asia.
Mr Scott was nominated by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and twice appointed by the North Carolina House and Senate to serve on the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board. This Board regulates and licenses all legal Private Investigative, Security, and Counter Intelligence activity within the State. Mr. Scott served as Vice Chairperson of the Private Protective Services Board and was elected by the Board as the North Carolina representative to the International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators (IASIR). Mr. Scott was elected to the IASIR Board as the Private Investigative Industry Representative.

Mr. Scott was the Founding President of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators (NCAPI). He is an active member and during 2008-2009 served as President of the World Association of Detectives . Mr. Scott is also a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the Association of Special Operations Professionals (ASOP), the International Counter-Terrorism & Security Association (CT/S), the National Council of Investigation and Security Services, and others.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

TSCM-01       Determining the Threat in Today's World

              Historical Development

              Threat Assessment
              Risk Analysis
              Corporate Vulnerability

              Impact Statement

TSCM-02       Basic Electrical Theory

              Schematic Symbols
              Basic Circuits

TSCM-03       Tools of the TSCM Inspector

                Hand Search Toolkit

               Inductance Amplifier

               Viewing Instruments
               Digital Multi Meter (DMM)
               Metal Detector
               Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD)
               Infrared (IR) Analyzer
              Telephone Analyzer
              Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
              Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
              Portable X-Ray Device
              Sweep Receiver

              Amateur Radio Receivers
              Spectrum Analyzer
              Acoustic Rangefinder

TSCM-04       Operation and Types of Microphones

         Contact Microphones
         Carbon Microphones
         Spike Microphones
         Dynamic Microphones
         Electret Microphones

         Piezo Microphones
         Parabolic Microphones
         Fiber Optic Microphones


TSCM-05       The Telephone System


                  Telco - Central Office
                  Customer - PBX


TSCM-06       The Telephone Instrument


                      Hook Switch Bypass
                      Hot Mic
                      Neon Bulb

                  Counter Measures
                      Physical Examination
                      Audio Amplifier
                      Off Hook RF Transmitter Test
                      DMM Voltage Check
                      Oscilloscope Check

TSCM-07         Wiretapping Techniques



                      Wire Tracing
                      DMM Voltage Test
                      Balance Line Test
                      Dry Line Test
                      TDR Test
                      Class of Service - Telco
                      Activated PBX Features

TSCM-08       Radio Frequency (RF) Transmission


                   RF Spectrum   

                   Wave Propagation
                       Point Source

                       Digital (Pulse Code)


TSCM-09       Types of RF Transmitters


                   Carrier Current
                   Spread Spectrum
                   Frequency Hopping
                   Infrared (IR)
                   Video - Sync Pulses

TSCM-10       Remote Sound Pickoff


                  Window Pane
                  Room Objects
                  System Vulnerabilities

TSCM-11       The TSCM Inspection Process


                  Client/Inspector Relationship
                  Physical & Environmental Indicators
                  The Physical Search
                  The Professional Sweep
                  Contingency Planning
                  TSCM Inspection Report


TSCM-12       Prevention


                  Secure Room Design


TSCM-13       Counter Measures Concerns



TSCM-14       Reference Resources


                  Statistical Data

                  Equipment Sources
                  Sources of Information

TSCM-15       Glossary of Terms
Day 1

08:00 AM

Registration & Check-in

Training Site


08:30 AM Welcome & Introduction

G. F. Bryant, Jr.,
Executive Director
World Institute for Security Enhancement

Each Day

Seminar Format

08:00 - 12:00

Lecture / Discussion
12:00 Noon Lunch
13:00 - 17:00 PM Lecture / Discussion
17:00 PM Adjourn

The above timetable approximates the schedule for this course.

Instructors may choose to vary the program and any changes will be announced.

General Information:

World Institute for Security Enhancement courses are provided at our training sites across the United States and throughout the World. Most Open Session Courses have been reviewed and are "Approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board". This Board regulates and licenses all Private investigative, Security and Counterintelligence activity within the State of North Carolina.

ENROLLMENT: Classroom space is limited. Please reserve your place now! Complete and mail the attached registration form or
call the Institute directly at +1.702.722.7779 for information on class quotas.
COURSE FEE: $2,250.00 (USD)
The course registration fee includes an attendee Reference Manual, Program Materials, a Mounted Certificate, and Daily Refreshments for most programs held at our United States training sites.
PAYMENT: Payment in U. S. dollars is required with your registration form and must be received at least thirty (30) days prior to
the beginning of the Class. Payment not received on time will automatically be placed in the next scheduled class. Payment by Check or Money Order drawn on a U. S. Bank, in U. S. Dollars (USD), are accepted. Purchase orders or Training Requisition
Forms Do Not constitute payment. Bank Transfers are not accepcted.
Lunches will not be provided.
Business casual is the recommended daily attire.
REFUNDS / CANCELLATIONS: The Institute reserves the right to amend any program should circumstances warrant such action. In the event of course postponement or cancellation, the Institute will reschedule the course, or apply the fee payment to any other program offered in the next twelve months. Liability for course cancellation is specifically limited to the amount of prepaid course fees and excludes any incidental or consequential damages. Attendees must confirm cancellations or substitutions, in writing, at least THIRTY (30) days prior to the initial class date. There will be a 10% administrative fee for a cancellation or substitution. Otherwise, fees are not refundable but may be transferred to another program of your choosing.

LODGING:  Lodging is NOT included. Each attendee is responsible for their own travel arrangements and lodging costs. Please make your room reservation at least three weeks prior to the initial class date.


    WILMINGTON:  Arrangements have been made with the Best Western Coastline Inn. Negotiated Institute rates have been established. A listing of additional hotels in the Wilmington Metropolitan area will be provided with your registration package.   Best Western, Coastline Inn

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GROUND TRANSPORTATION:  Transportation is NOT included. For a fee, transportation is available from the Airport to your Hotel. Transportation is not provided to the Institute training site daily. Each participant is responsible for their own daily local ground transportation to the Institute Training Site.

     WILMINGTON:  For a fee, transportation is available from the Wilmington (ILM) International Airport. Transportation is not provided to the Institute training site daily. Each participant is responsible for their own daily local ground transportation to the Institute training site.

       LAS VEGAS:  For a fee, transportation is available from the Las Vegas International Airport (LAS). Transportation is not provided to the Institute training site daily. Each participant is responsible for their own daily local ground transportation to the Institute training site.

INSTRUCTION:  While every effort is made to assure that scheduled instructors, equipment and training materials are present, unforeseen circumstances may occur. Therefore, the Institute reserves the right to substitute personnel and curriculum as required.

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