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TSCM Equipment Operator Training
The proper operation of equipment resources is vital for accurate results and effective implementation of TSCM and counterintelligence related services. Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides operator training for selected equipment resources made available through our TSCM Equipment Sales and Development Division.
Operator training is available to customers for the following equipment:
  • RadioInspector TSCM and SIGINT Software: (4 day Operator Certificate Training Program)

  • Wi-Fi Inspector System

  • Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) System

  • RECON 2.4, LUX and Lornet series Non Linear Junction Detectors

  • CPR4 - Human Movement Detector

  • STS Stereophonic Stethoscope

  • Restricted Equipment: Government and Law Enforcement Only (Provided Upon Request)

* For More Information on the products listed please visit our TSCM Equipment Sales Section.

* Training programs can be provided at locations in Toronto Ontario, at our training facility in Europe or at a client (end user) requested location.
Please contact us for more information about TSCM equipment training.

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