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Verrimus Ltd.
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Operational and Equipment Specialist Training
Verrimus is a provider of advanced training for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), equipment and counterintelligence related disciplines. They are a highly respected training provider and equipment consultant for government, military and law enforcement organizations in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe and around the world. Verrimus has been selected as an authorized trainer for many professional TSCM equipment manufacturers and offers the most diverse selection of equipment for its courses and customized programs. From its world class, one of a kind training facilities which include both aircraft and maritime training wings, to the highest level of expert instruction, Verrimus TSCM Specialist training is unparalleled.
* Verrimus maintains a secure online library of known technical surveillance threats with a share service for authorized agencies and provides an optional 24 hour operational support package.
Verrimus training programs are delivered by top professional industry instructors. Trainers with over 150 years of combined experience from decades of government, special forces, police and military service provide a level of understanding from both offensive and defensive points of view, that simply cannot be offered by operational private sector experience alone. Such
exceptional and extensive experience allows Verrimus instructors to transfer the very best skill sets to their students.
learning is about much more than simply imparting knowledge. Modern and unique training methods suit the individual learning
needs of each student while they build teamwork skills, providing students with the very best learning experience as well as an
operational training level which is unsurpassed.
Mobile Training Team:
The Verrimus Mobile Training Team has years of experience deploying worldwide delivering training programs. Fully equipped with mobile TSCM training facilities, the team can deliver a variety of training from short commercial courses to extended courses for government agencies.
Please follow the links below for information on Verrimus state of the art facilities, TSCM training programs and modules.
* You can also visit the Verrimus Ltd. training web site at www.tscm-training.com.

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