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TSCM Training Program Modules
Verrimus TSCM training programs are available as separate modules and can be selected independently to focus on specific topics or environments. From complete TSCM programs to unique individual requirements, Verrimus provides the highest level of flexibility and customization for each student.
Verrimus TSCM training ensures students maximize their time at the training centre to learn real life operational situations and maximize their operational input to the team. Programs also provide the knowledge required to prepare for the future, ensuring operational continuity can be pushed forward rather than adopting a reactive stance.
Verrimus utilizes a variety of additional study methods, offering a more inclusive form of training, to provide students with a better chance of success. This training approach is particularly designed to match students different skill sets, ability levels and learning types.

Training Modules:
  • Threat Assessment
  • Holographic Radar
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Physical Search
  • TSCM Operation Training
  • Long Term Monitoring
  • RF Threat Detection
  • Road Vehicle TSCM
  • Telephone Threat Detection
  • Aircraft TSCM
  • Fibre Optic Threat Detection
  • Water-borne Vehicle TSCM
  • TSCM Thermography
  • Mobile Phone Threat Detection
  • TSCM Forensic Light
  • Data Recovery for TSCM
  • GSM Threat Detection
  • Physical Security for TSCM Operations
  • Data Network Threat Detection
  • Reporting
  • Non-Linear Junction Detection
  • TSCM Team Leader Program
  • Bluetooth Threat Detection
  • TSCM Awareness for Senior Managers
  • Wi-Fi Threat Detection
  • TSCM Project Management
  • Penetration Testing for TSCM
  • TSCM Equipment Training (25 Modules)
  • TSCM X-Ray
  • TSCM Live Exercises (30 Scenarios)
* Program length and cost are based on each individual customized program. Modules can be selected individually or a program
can be designed based on overall customer requirements.
* Varrimus supplies airport collection and transfers between the hotel, training school and the live training areas. Lunches are
provided on training days. Refreshments during training days are also provided and include tea, coffee, water, fruit juices, morning break snack, afternoon break snack.
* Please contact us for more information on pricing and custom designed TSCM training programs.
* Additional modules restricted to government and law enforcement organizations and personnel are available in the
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