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Training Programs
Aircraft TSCM Training Wing
The Verrimus dedicated Aircraft TSCM Training Wing brings together all of the elements required to train operators to effectively counter technical espionage attacks against aircraft.
The dedicated Aircraft Training Wing includes a fully functioning BAC 1-11 training airframe, a fully functioning Boeing 737
commercial aircraft, an in-aircraft classroom, aircraft engineer installed attacks, full engineer support and aircraft specific training modules.
Situated less than 15 minutes from the TSCM training HQ on Newcastle Quayside, the Aircraft TSCM Training Wing is a facility like no other in the world, that serves the specialist training programs provided around aircraft TSCM and search techniques.
Maritime TSCM Training Wing
The Verrimus TSCM Maritime Training Wing is situated on Newcastle Quayside at the Newcastle City Marina, directly opposite the TSCM Training HQ and includes two (2) dedicated marine vessels with the ability to handle the largest of super yachts.
Verrimus Maritime TSCM programs have been designed by ex-Royal Navy Operators.
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