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Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. is a Canadian corporation based in Southern Ontario just east of Toronto providing specialized professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services. Our operational personnel maintain federal security / criminal clearances and include extensive experience as members of federal government, military and law enforcement organizations. 
Our operational Specialists have received formal certifications and training and possess technical, scientific and engineering  backgrounds offering more than 30 years of professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), counterintelligence, operational security, electronic and wireless signal intelligence experience. This includes research and development of equipment and technology for advanced government and military applications and active involvement in ongoing research of
current, new and developing threats.
Our personnel also offer unique individual skills, experience and education providing additional areas of knowledge and expertise and include Electronic and Design Engineers, Technologists, Physical Search Specialists, Cyber Security Specialists, Senior Security Analysts, law Enforcement Investigators as well as positions in corporate and project management.
Our personnel participate in ongoing professional training through seminars, workshops and specialized programs both in North America and overseas. Such practices also provide up to date knowledge with regards to equipment technology, electronic surveillance devices and systems as well as TSCM related occurrences on a global level.
Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides the extensive range of operational experience and knowledge required for the many aspects of TSCM services and operations. We utilize a wide variety of techniques and methods both standard and proprietary, integrated with the most sophisticated equipment resources to help counter the many types of technical, non-technical, internal
and external surveillance and intelligence gathering threats that exist, to offer the highest quality professional TSCM services.
Our equipment sales division works with an international network of industry professionals, developers and manufacturers to
provide the most innovative and technologically advanced resources for both commercial and restricted applications with
customized solutions for any requirement. 
Our professional operating policy and ethical standards ensure complete objectivity and confidentiality with all of our customers.
We are committed to high quality services, free from misinformation and false promises with a commitment to providing effective solutions.
Rick Fox 
Director - Business and Field Operations
Counter Surveillance Specialist (CSS)  
Rick has 18 years of experience dedicated almost exclusively to providing Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), electronic debugging, wiretap detection and counterintelligence related services at all threat levels for government, law enforcement, large corporations, medium and small business and residential clients as well as in support of protective operations. Rick maintains a federal security/criminal clearance as well as regional police and vulnerable sector criminal clearances.
As the Director of Business and Field Operations Rick is responsible for the management of advanced TSCM and counterintelligence related service operations on a national and international level. Rick is also responsible for the Equipment Sales Division, handling all government, law enforcement and security related requirements and projects world-wide.
Rick has performed SECRET Level facility TSCM services for classified government events with government technical personnel 
and has coordinated TSCM services surrounding events including the G20 summit. Rick participates in ongoing research and development projects for advanced TSCM equipment resources as well as the research and testing of both current and developing intelligence related technologies internationally.
Rick has Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) training and has trained alongside current and former government, military and law enforcement personnel. Additional training includes Tactical TSCM "Sweep" operations, executive protection, protective operations management, investigations, advanced surveillance and information security. 
Rick's previous experience includes more than 15 years in the private sector at the management level working in large corporate environments and dealing with business intelligence issues. Rick has working experience conducting surveillance operations and protective assignments including corporate shareholder events, as Lead Investigator during labour dispute operations, site security management and overseeing security requirements for entertainment industry artists and events.
Rick is an active partner in the ongoing development of the highly advanced, industry leading RadioInspector TSCM/SIGINT RF spectrum monitoring, detection and analysis software application, including receiver system and integration development projects, software feature testing and evaluation, development of the English operator manual and is responsible for the design and manufacture of the receiver modules as part of the Wi-Fi Inspector analysis system.
In addition, Rick has advanced wilderness survival certification training and has participated in and provided field aid assistance during numerous overnight outdoor survival training simulations. Rick was an active on-site survival consultant for both seasons 1 and 2 of the television series "Survive This" with Les Stroud and works in partnership with WSC Survival School Inc. to facilitate emergency preparedness training to executives, businesses and corporate organizations.

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