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December / 2015
2015 Year in Review
As we draw to the end of 2015, Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. would like to thank all of our customers, partners and associates around the world for another record year. New partnerships with organizations overseas provided professional TSCM services to clients with operations in Canada and abroad. Partnerships and strategic alliances in Toronto and Ottawa have provided further opportunities with operational teams of both large and small scale, offering the expertise and experience of those with government, intelligence and law enforcement career backgrounds, extensive engineering and technical education and where requirements for NATO and Canadian Federal Government security clearances for classified information and facilities are mandatory.
Our advanced equipment sales division provided customers with some of the most innovative products available including non linear junction detection (NLJD) and receiver hardware technology along with sophisticated intelligence related equipment and resulted in the highest level of growth experienced in the last 10 years. However, it was the RadioInspector TSCM/SIGINT software application that garnered the most impressive showing and greatest level of interest in 2015. RadioInspector continued to raise the bar and lead the industry with advanced capability and features. 2015 RadioInspector feature and enhancement announcements included, Database Integrity Verification Protocol, Intelligent Dynamic Configuration File and Checkpoint Identification, Metrological Measurement Calculator, Automated .exe File launch, Enhanced Audio Analysis, Time Pattern Recognition, I/Q Variable Filter and Decimation, Dynamic Compression and Increased Resolution for Waterfall Displays along with the introduction of the new stand-alone, TSCM specific Wi-Fi Inspector analysis system, which has surpassed all initial expectations.
2015 also saw RadioInspector selected for scientific and educational research in the United States, at the University level for post graduate studies, along with several North American, European, and Far East government and law enforcement testing and evaluation projects with a variety of receivers and spectrum analyzers.
With two decades of development by software engineering professionals and a team of international associates, RadioInspector product development continues right into 2016, with the latest version now being field tested and we will soon be announcing a series of features and program additions. These additions will include a major announcement regarding the single most advanced RF spectrum recording, signal analysis information storage and database management capability which will greatly enhance and even change the way TSCM, Tactical SIGINT and telecom  industries approach analysis, remote spectrum monitoring and spectrum management applications, along with a uniform system for sharing information. Also coming is a new professionally engineered 18 GHz Omni Directional antenna, which was introduced during demonstrations at Milipol in Paris and has undergone testing for antenna pattern gain, bandwidth and return loss.

In 2015 we had the opportunity to meet with partners and attend meetings, international industry and security events and provide product demonstrations in North America, Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We showcased advanced spectrum analysis, signal classification and recognition with demonstrated unmatched capability in real-world dense and dynamic RF environments with the most cost effective, efficient and customized high performance software application.

We thank all those who have been a part of this incredible past year and we look forward to meeting with customers, partners and associates throughout 2015.
From all of us at Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. we wish everyone and very safe, healthy and Happy New Year!

December / 2015
Milipol 2015 Exhibition Event Summary
Waypoint Counter Surveillance was pleased to once again exhibit with Acustek Limited at the 2015 Milipol exhibition, November 17-20 in Paris, France. This was our most successful year ever at the Milipol exhibition and attendance was strong even with the tragic events that took place several days earlier, and we experienced an ongoing stream of visitors.
Our 18 meter/sq booth was located in the heart of the information and communication technology area and included custom designed graphics and was open on three sides for high visibility, with a layout that allowed visitors to browse freely within our booth as well as from the perimeter. Coffee and light refreshments were made available while visitors were assisted by our 8 member international team consisting of individuals from Canada, The United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic and Croatia, with the experience and expertise of former intelligence community, government and military personnel, engineers and system developers. Many times throughout the four day event the volume of visitors filled the interior and perimeter areas as they came to see a wide variety of innovative and highly specialized intelligence and TSCM/counterintelligence equipment.
As was expected, RadioInspector, shown with the new Mil-Spec version Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) system, took front and center stage and was quickly recognized as a highly advanced TSCM specific platform with sophisticated SIGINT, threat detection and recognition capabilities. The differences between various technologies became immediately apparent and visitors commented on RadioInspector’s impressive performance in a real-world crowded and dynamic signal environment. RadioInspector’s Signal Classification, Analysis and Threat Recognition technology, provided actual digital signal intelligence, extracted signal parameters and real-world threat information, offering superior spectrum analysis capability.
Demonstrations outlined how common techniques which display detected energy within a band, with assumptions made about signal content, without modern digitally derived threat evaluation leaves users is busy signal environments unable to ascertain the number of signals present or positively identify and analyze each individual signal, be it Bluetooth, DECT, GSM or Wi-Fi etc. RadioInspector was shown to provide forward thinking TSCM technical digital signal analysis tools for isolating, positively identifying and classifying signals with device type, manufacturer, mac address, data packet transmission information, links between devices, encryption status, and mode of operation, clearly listing everything for visitors to see.
Visitors were shown remote connection capability anywhere in the world without the need for 3rd party software and as we moved through the 4 day event, RadioInspector recorded the RF spectrum, while storing all data and spectrograms (2D and 3D waterfalls) in the integrity protected database. Visitors were able to select a frequency or frequency band, date or time to the second, throughout the show using RadioInspector’s smart filter search technology to bring them to the exact moment and replay the spectrum sweep in real time with sophisticated post analysis of all data and spectrograms. We also demonstrated RadioInspector’s ability to provide precise field strength calculations using a variety of industry standard measurements along with the measurement of data packet signal levels for isolated digital transmissions offering significantly improved amplitude direction finding ability over common RSSI techniques.

With the demonstration of RadioInspector capabilities, it was clear to those in attendance that signal detection is simply the initial step in meeting the modern TSCM specific Priority Intelligence Technical and Operational Requirement for advanced analysis. Evaluating and determining the information contained within a signal was shown to be critical to counter current and developing threat technologies. RadioInspector also showed how systems can quickly begin to fall short when it comes to remote spectrum monitoring, when unable to isolate or identify individual signal transmissions in dense signal environments and when lacking the ability to record and store all spectrum data without interruption for complete post analysis, protected environments can be left vulnerable.
Also on display was the new compact, portable stand-alone Wi-Fi Inspector hardware/ software system with demonstrations performed for the first time. Within seconds, Wi-Fi Inspector had detected, isolated and displayed literally hundreds of Wi-Fi access points and devices active at the show. Wi-Fi Inspector identified each device with mac address, SSID, type of device and manufacturer while simultaneously showing all connections between devices, networks, data transmitted and received between each device along with signal power levels. Data was provided in text and graphical formats and displayed all on one screen for fast and easy analysis. The authorized device list could quickly be set to show any rogue or unauthorized devices and the compact receiver module was set to run and record autonomously, collecting and storing all information with the same full analysis available in post event time as in real time. Multiple receiver modules can be used for distributed deployment, autonomously collecting and storing data for months at a time.
The IQ data recording feature that was announced just prior to Milipol was well received. The IQ processing program is completely proprietary to RadioInspector and will be available to customers at no extra charge. The ability to currently analyze IQ as part of RadioInspector’s live RF spectrum capture and analysis with phase and amplitude information, filtering and industry leading digital signal classification and recognition will be enhanced by the newest program which separates the raw IQ data for independent storage with post analysis capability.
Several questions were asked and discussions took place with visitors regarding RadioInspector computer hardware requirements, potential drain on computer resources and the impact on receiver and system performance. While RadioInspector can operate effectively with very minimum requirements, increased specifications will undoubtedly provide increases in performance. We were able to provide visitors with examples of RadioInspector efficiency including connecting to a Signal Hound BB60C receiver and providing fast, high performance with a moderate i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM while efficiently and securely writing all captured data to a standard 500 GB HDD for full post analysis. RadioInspector continually performs calculations and displays current trace points, recording file size, time of current recording and spectrum scan speed by number of measures/sec and MHz/sec on the main GUI.
Activities began two weeks prior to Milipol in South Asia where meetings were conducted in two cities over several days with a variety of customers in attendance by invitation. Following Milipol in Paris meetings took place in Dublin and London. We visited Lisbon, Portugal and Madrid, Spain, travelled throughout Southern Spain, then to Morocco in North Africa and finally onto Barcelona before returning to Paris to complete the trip.
Plans are now being made for several international exhibitions and customer demonstrations in 2016 and due to quickly increasing demand and customer projects, announcements are forthcoming regarding current Digital FAR and RadioInspector European based customer training and support along with continued product feature development.
* RadioInspector is a highly advanced TSCM specific software application and is fast becoming the choice for TSCM, spectrum management, remote monitoring and intelligence applications worldwide. RadioInspector delivers cost effective solutions with high performance, stability and efficiency, customized to specific individual requirements with the largest number of professional receivers and spectrum analyzers.  

November / 2015
Milipol Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security - Paris, France November 17-20, 2015
Waypoint Counter Surveillance will once again be exhibiting with our European partners Acustek Ltd. at the Milipol Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security in Paris, France November 17-20, 2015 at booth 5 F 204. We will be featuring the highly advanced, industry leading RadioInspector TSCM/SIGINT software application, demonstrating digital signal classification and recognition technology and unmatched signal analysis, full spectrum capture, data recording and post processing capability. We can also announce for the first time, the ability to fully record and playback IQ data at the intermediate IF frequency and at selectable bandwidths, as per the specific receiver hardware being utilized.
See why detection is only the first step in advanced analysis and how digital signals including Bluetooth, DECT, GSM and Wi-Fi are individually isolated, classified and identified in real-world RF environments.
Visitors can also see the new fully integrated Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) System featuring RadioInspector, along with the new Wi-Fi Inspector analysis system.
Milipol Paris will be the first stop during a three week trip as we meet with partners and customers in multiple cities across Europe. 
* RadioInspector is now displacing previously tested analogue software and is fast becoming the choice for advanced TSCM, spectrum management and intelligence applications worldwide. RadioInspector delivers cost effective solutions with high performance, stability and efficiency, customized to specific individual requirements with the largest number of professional receivers and spectrum analyzers.
November / 2015
Wi-Fi Inspector -  Specialized TSCM Wi-Fi Detection and Analysis Hardware and Software System
Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. is pleased to announce the Wi-Fi Inspector detection and analysis system. Wi-Fi Inspector is a specialized TSCM hardware and software system incorporating compact individual Wi-Fi receiver modules with RadioInspector Wi-Fi analysis software. Wi-Fi inspector is a stand-alone system and does not require integration with any additional hardware.
Each receiver module measuring only 11.5 X 8 X 3.5 cm represents a "free running" device with its own processor and memory. A single receiver module can be used for live analysis during TSCM inspections or multiple receivers can be independently programmed and are deployable as a distributed system, able to cover any area which requires continuous 24/7 Wi-Fi monitoring. Data can be collected for up to several months and downloaded at any time for analysis by RadioInspector Wi-Fi software.
Wi-Fi Inspector detects operating access points in Wi-Fi networks, devices such as PCs, laptops, smart phones etc. operating in Wi-Fi networks and links (data transmission) between devices in Wi-Fi networks along with data traffic calculation. Information is displayed for detected devices in Wi-Fi networks and devices connected to them in text format, while detected devices and connection links between them are displayed in graphic format. Archived or saved data shows device activity or operation for a selected time interval.
Various filters can be applied for specific requirements and an “Authorized Device List” can be created to quickly identify new, unauthorized or potential clandestine devices in operation. Device information includes MAC address, SSID, Type, number of connections, traffic bytes, signal level, encryption, channels utilized and equipment manufacturer.
Wi-Fi inspector is the perfect addition to RadioInspector RF analysis software, extending its class leading digital signal classification, analysis and recognition capability which includes, Bluetooth, DECT, GSM, Tetra, APCO25, DRM, DMR.

* Wi-Fi Inspector receiver modules are manufactured in Canada as authorized by Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc.

October / 2015
RadioInspector - Dynamic Compression and Increased Resolution for Waterfall Displays

RadioInspectorRP (post processing) provides "dynamic compression and decompression" of all saved measurement results for waterfall displays, effectively compressing time of measurement into a single view for both 2D and 3D waterfalls that can be expanded and contracted at anytime during post analysis in operator selected predefined step sizes.The 2D waterfall retains all frequency, time and date stamps at any compression level and clicking any point on the waterfall takes you directly to the specific moment in the recorded spectrum trace as well as to the associated database file which shows, date, time, maximum level, (and if a GPS receiver was used during data collection), the longitude, latitude, altitude and speed at the time of measurement.
In addition to the ability to compress and decompress dynamically at will during post processing of the RF spectrum, the 2D waterfall resolution can be increased as high as a 10:1 ratio at operator selected increments. Resolution can also be increased up to 10:1 or decreased back to 1:1 in selected increments at any time, on the fly, without stopping the live data collection process.
Using these advanced TSCM tools, complex technical emissions such as burst transmitters, frequency hoppers and ultra-wide band signals can be detected and analyzed as well as subtle increases in the noise floor across a large amount of RF spectrum enabling the operator to see and record ultra-wide band signal start and stop frequencies.
* RadioInspector is a highly advanced TSCM specific software application offering cost effective solutions with high performance, stability and efficiency, customized to specific individual requirements with the largest number of professional receivers and spectrum analyzers. 
* RadioInspector has been tested and is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
October / 2015
RadioInspector - Selected for Scientific and Educational Research Applications

Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to announce that RadioInspector software has been selected for scientific and educational research applications in the United States at the University level for advanced post graduate studies, enabling students up to the Doctoral level to detect, analyze and explore technical aspects of RF signals and wireless communications and is becoming an important tool used for research in this domain.


Such studies and projects are often funded by individual advisors or employers, while academics within the educational system collaborate and exchange information and we look forward to future collaborations with researchers and the academic community.

RadioInspector’s leading digital spectrum analysis, advanced and comprehensive signal parameter analysis algorithms, secure database, flexible storage, sophisticated posts analysis and accurate industry standard measurement capabilities provide students with the ability to study a wide variety of security, SIGINT, spectrum management, test and measurement and telecom applications, all within a flexible and customized software package.
* RadioInspector provides the advanced capability not only for the requirements of TSCM/SIGINT professionals world-wide but also as an innovative tool for scientific and educational research.
October / 2015
RadioInspector - Feature and Enhancement Updates 

I/Q Constellation Variable Filter and Decimation:

The RadioInspector I/Q constellation capture feature enables a TSCM/SIGINT operator, in real time, to examine the I/Q constellation pattern of a digital signal and utilize SCARS for identification and classification. The constellation I/Q analysis screen, which includes the live spectrum scan as well as separate phase and amplitude analysis windows, now also includes a phase and amplitude variable filter and decimation feature. This enables fine tuning and noise reduction of the I/Q constellation pattern so the operator can determine, with increased accuracy, the nature of the signal being decoded.

Time Pattern Recognition:
RadioInspector now includes a post analysis time pattern recognition feature which analyzes the periodicity of signals on a selected frequency. This feature provides a separate spectral analysis display which shows each time a signal transmission is detected on a specific frequency or frequency band helping facilitate the identification of burst transmitters and sophisticated threat devices that store recorded audio data and burst transmit the signal on a periodic basis. Likewise command an control transmissions that initiate such threat devices but operate on different frequencies can be analyzed in a visual ‘cause-effect’ recognition pattern.

Audio Analysis:

RadioInspector automatically records all detected AM and FM signals while scanning. Scanning never stops to perform audio analysis while signals are captured and their audio content is derived from the continual digital stream of the software defined radio. All analogue signals and analogue components of digital signals are demodulated, routed to the computer sound card for the operator to hear and are also recorded and stored for audio analysis by RadioInspector.

Hundreds of audio files can be automatically collected in this manner, stored in the integrity protected database where they can be reviewed by the operator at a single button push using RadioInspector’s intuitive ‘Point and Click’ GUI. Multiple audio files can now be selected and can be played back sequentially, greatly facilitating the search for full duplex audio transmitting devices. For secondary analysis, all audio files can be transferred across the network via the internet at operator selected sample rates. 

Automated .exe File launch:

RadioInspector has been programmed with a built in ability to launch a 3rd party external program (.exe file) under a variety of trigger scenarios including amplitude threshold exceedance, by individual frequency or frequency band. The external program can be an alarm, page, or third party security application that is programmed and installed on the computer further enhancing advanced integration requirements.
Measurement Calculator:
RadioInspector now includes a Measurement Calculator. This calculator provides measuring values conversion for dBmkV, dBm, dBmV, dBWt, mkV, V, mkWt, mWt and Wt industry standard measurements. The calculator also allows for tables to be created and saved with comments and values.
RadioInspector's ongoing development provides feature enhancements and increased capability for advanced TSCM and SIGINT operations.
September / 2015
RadioInspector - Intelligent Dynamic Configuration File and Checkpoint Identification
The collection and storage of data in a secure and protected manner is of extreme importance for RF spectrum analysis whether for single one time only TSCM assignments or continual remote monitoring applications. Both real time and post analysis of the Radio Frequency spectrum depends upon the integrity and availability of all data collected.
RadioInspector now includes an Intelligent Dynamic Configuration File. This advanced feature ensures that all data collected is securely stored immediately ‘on the fly’ and does not require operator interaction to create and save files during RF spectrum analysis. This automatic saving of information provides the operator with the ability to manage collected data and provides operational resilience and flexibility when analyzing the Radio Frequency spectrum ‘post collection’.
Unexpected systems failures, Windows system conflicts, computer freezes and crashes can happen at any time from a variety of factors. In these instances collected data, and mission-specific configurations and settings can all be lost. RadioInspector’s Intelligent Dynamic Configuration File will not only save all data securely, but in the case of an unexpected system shut down or crash, will allow the operator upon computer start up, to be immediately prompted that RadioInspector will continue with all TSCM mission-specific saved settings and will continue to write to the same database file as before the event occurred. The only data lost will be that information that would have been collected during the unexpected system event. All of this is done automatically without any input required from the operator.
RadioInspector now also includes a time/date based “Checkpoint” feature. At the press of a single button on the GUI, a “Checkpoint” is instantly created and can be labeled immediately to identify a physical, environmental or RF spectrum event. Each Checkpoint is saved in the RadioInspector database and can be recalled at any time, immediately taking the operator to the exact moment in the spectrum scan that the checkpoint was created. Whether it be an operator observed spectrum event or anomaly, interruption, beginning of a meeting, arrival of a diplomat, executive or for any reason the operator may have, checkpoints provide an increased level of situational awareness either immediately following the event or during post-analysis of the Radio Frequency spectrum weeks or even months after a sweep occurred.
Both the Intelligent Dynamic Configuration File and Checkpoint Identification features further enhance RadioInspector’s unmatched, database flexibility and extensive recording and post analysis capabilities.

July / 2015
RadioInspector - Database Integrity Verification Protocol
RadioInspector records and stores all sweep data automatically, allowing entire RF spectrum sweeps or segments of sweeps, including 2D and 3D waterfall spectrograms, to be replayed from beginning to end, forwards or reverse at operator selected speeds. Analysis can be performed on any recorded signal or event and detailed comparative analysis can be performed between any previously saved spectrum trace, or a new spectrum trace can be created from any portion of any previous saved sweep for unprecedented post analysis capability
A method to ensure data integrity is fundamental to providing database reliability and security. Database integrity problems can have many sources including hardware malfunctions, software bugs, a system attack, or human/operator error. Integrity loss or corrupt data can lead to information inaccuracy and erroneous observations and decisions.
RadioInspector’s advanced programming saves all data recorded to an integrity protected database that allows additional processing of measurement results while providing increased reliability and immunity to data corruption without the need for SSD or RAID hard drives. The latest RadioInspector software release now contains an automatic database integrity verification protocol which checks the integrity of a stored file each time it is loaded for playback and post processing.
This feature assures technical operators that the integrity of stored RadioInspector database files used for advanced post-analysis of spectrum data is automatically checked and verified before use. If 100% integrity is verified, RadioInspector presents the stored file to the operator with the conclusion that the file can be used. This file is then loaded into RadioInspector to enable ‘Error-Free’ post analysis of spectrum information.
June / 2015
RadioInspector - Receiver Support

RadioInspector now provides support for the Anritsu Spectrum Master MS2711E, MS2712E and MS2713E spectrum analyzers. Support includes the digital signal analysis "DTest" option, significantly increasing the functionality of the devices.

The new Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) System is now also fully supported, providing an advanced and complete quick deployment 6GHz RF spectrum monitoring and analysis package with digital signal demodulation, identification and classification.
The Signal Hound BB60C spectrum analyzer driver has been updated to meet the requirements for Signal Hound's new API 3.0.4. The new driver works with the older API version (2.0.5) and new API version (3.0.4) and zero span with sampling frequencies from 70 kHz to 40 MHz has been added to RadioInspector with API 3.0.4.
Rohde & Schwarz PR100 and EM100 instrument drivers have also been updated providing minor fixes, improved control algorithm for the instruments and improved data transfer speed between the computer and receiver. In addition, while the PR100 and EM100 provide a narrow bandwidth of 320 kHz streaming IQ data, a demodulator for NTSC/PAL/SECAM analogue video signals is now available when using the digital test (DTest) option and for the first time, PR100 and EM100 operators are now provided with sufficient results to evaluate video content.
RadioInspector offers the most extensive and continually expanding list of supported receivers and spectrum analyzers from manufacturers world-wide including Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu and the Signal Hound line of receivers, while providing the most advanced features and capability.
Additional receiver and system integrations are in development with announcements forthcoming.
April / 2015
Counter Terror Expo 2015
RadioInspector had another strong international showing at Counter Terror Expo 2015, April 21st and 22nd in London England. Verrimus Ltd. provided live demonstrations of the industry leading TSCM / SIGINT software application alongside the Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) System at their booth during the two day event. 
RadioInspector's advanced spectrum monitoring and sophisticated analysis capabilities were once again on display with the fully integrated Digital FAR package as thousands of attendees involved in the protection and security of private and public interests came from across the globe to see the latest counter terror technology and solutions.

The show was also the launch platform for some of the most innovative new products on the market and featured more than 300 international exhibitors.


March / 2015
Global Security Asia (GSA) 2015
Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. was pleased to have exhibited at Global Security Asia (GSA) March 3-5, 2015 in Singapore with our European partner Acustek Ltd. Global Security Asia (GSA) has achieved an enviable reputation and established itself as the premier “must-attend” International Exhibition and Conference focusing exclusively on Counter Terrorism, Internal State Security, Law Enforcement and Civil Defence in the Asia Pacific Region.
GSA 2015 is now organized in partnership with Milipol, the largest security show in the world and will be newly branded as Milipol Asia-Pacific, joining its global network with sister shows Milipol Paris and Milipol Qatar, delivering and showcasing homeland security and counter terrorism systems and technologies from around the world.
RadioInspector made a strong impact and took the spotlight with the new Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) system. Impressive live demonstrations of the highly advanced industry leading RF spectrum monitoring, detection and analysis technology featured the extensive RF analysis toolkit, next generation scalable 3D waterfall, enhanced vector analysis, separate I and Q analysis and constellation display, automatic audio recording and analysis tools along with support for direction finding and selective jamming. Digital signal classification and recognition sub systems quickly identified GSM base stations and handsets as well as Bluetooth devices operating within range along with a variety of both audio and video surveillance devices from the show. Discussions were held with delegates during meetings and demonstrations outlining comparisons with various RF spectrum analysis and SDR receiver solutions.
Delegates were also treated to the latest version of RadioInspector’s powerful post analysis capability, showing recording and playback of entire sweeps and spectrograms with the ability to select any frequency or frequency range by time and date for individual analysis or to compare against other recorded spectrum data files. Additional features included 1st to 7th harmonic identification as well as intermodulation analysis, operator selectable from the 1st to the 7th order. Running simultaneously in separate windows in real time, forward or reverse with zoom and variable speed playback control, such capability along with metrological measurement support demonstrated the level of sophistication available for use in government, military and telecom communication, spectrum monitoring and analysis applications.
GSA organizers were equally impressed with RadioInspector and on the last day of the show filmed a live interview featuring the new Digital FAR package along with still photos for use in future marketing and web site media additions. The show was an immediate success resulting in system pre-orders as well as several new project and distribution proposals.
Other products on display included the highly popular RECON 2.4 hand held, non linear junction detector (NLJD), new CPR4 portable human movement detector and a selection of state of the art surveillance equipment.
February / 2015
RadioInspector Showcased at IDEX 2015

The RadioInspector advanced TSCM and SIGINT software application made an indelible impression at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference IDEX, February 22 - 26, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. IDEX is the most strategically important tri-service defence exhibition in the Middle East and the only international defence exhibition and conference in the MENA region demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence. It is a unique platform to establish and strengthen relationships with government departments, businesses and armed forces throughout the region.
Live demonstrations of the latest RadioInspector release showcased a list of highly advanced features including its digital signal classification analysis and recognition capabilities, metrological measurement support for high level government, defence and telecom infrastructure applications and extensive post processing along with several additional enhancements. Also shown was the new Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver System) prototype which received considerable widespread interest throughout the 5 day event.
From prescheduled meetings to delegates visiting the show, RadioInspector’s industry leading capability was immediately evident to all and invited extended discussions of RF spectrum on-site or remote monitoring, detection and analysis from many that were seeing such unique, sophisticated an innovative technology for the first time. 

February / 2015
The RadioInspector TSCM, SIGINT Software Advantage - Update


RadioInspector developers and partners don’t see all RF signals as the same or to be treated and analyzed the same way, but see them as unique individual events. Radio frequency signals hold a wealth of information that once accessed can take away much of the guess work and operator analysis time, while providing fast and accurate information, automatically identifying and classifying signals and providing the operator with precision information required while maximizing their sweep and analysis time. RF spectrum analysis has evolved to take advantage of signal wave form, header and I Q data and when combined with RadioInspector’s extensive sophisticated detection analysis and location features, offers a new generation of advanced capability for a wide variety of applications.

RadioInspector surpasses analogue spectral analysis by providing, for the first time, industry leading and TSCM sweep-enabling Signal Classification Analysis Recognition System (SCARS) and Digital Test (DTEST) technology. RadioInspector’s SCARS  subroutine analyzes, while spectrum scanning, every signal event that breaks an operator determined signal amplitude threshold, automatically. Every detected signal is analyzed according to supported modulation type, frequency, amplitude, detection count, time and header information. RadioInspector goes beyond the common 2D spectral displays, typical of analogue technology by providing a dynamic 3D waterfall display where operators can easily observe individual signal artifacts ‘hidden’ between signal detection events or enhance the 3D display with the I and Q constellation display allowing for instant operator recognition of complex patterns that are undetectable with analogue 2D waterfall displays.
Moreover the extensive analysis toolbox of RadioInspector allows the operator to ‘point and click’ on any detected signal and  complete parametric detail about the signal is presented for review or export for reporting. Signals that are detected and can be demodulated are automatically recorded for post analysis by the built in digital audio analysis program, in frequency and time    domain components. This program breaks down analogue components of signals using various DSP algorithms offering unique and innovative TSCM specific audio signal analysis capability with audio files saved, sorted and stamped by date, time and frequency. All of this is done automatically, at the push of a button.
In addition, the entire sweep, not just isolated or threshold events, is saved with time and date stamps in an integrity protected database which can be played back in its entirety in 2D and 3D views at operator selected speeds for further analysis of TSCM critical events such as triggering signals for burst transmitters or harmonic identification. A search can be performed across     previous saved sweep files by, date, time, frequency or span and detailed comparative analysis can be performed between sweeps for unprecedented post analysis capability. For Bluetooth, DECT or Wi-Fi signals, RadioInspector will have identified the device and manufacturer, can automatically compare it at against a list of authorized devices and flag any suspect signals or associated events and the operator will already know if it is the boardroom printer or the CEO’s laptop etc. In the case of GSM, RadioInspector analysis allows for the identification of the service provider as well as cloned or rogue base stations which can be used for the interception of cellular phone traffic.
Signal detection is only the initial step in the Detect-Analyze-Respond cycle and as the complexity of an environment grows, it is this analysis of signals that will provide accurate, timely information in order to allow the TSCM operator to fulfill the cycle with precision. This is also particularly advantageous and even critical in a tactical sweep situation or for volatile environments where time is of the essence.
While RadioInspector offers support for the largest and continually expanding list of more than 100 receivers and spectrum analyzers it also offers extreme flexibility, from software developed specifically for simpler scanning receivers such as those from Icom and AOR to the most advanced flag ship spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz. In addition RadioInspector is not simply offered in a “one form fits all” package but is offered in a variety of configurations that can be customized to fit unique individual requirements, whether that be advanced TSCM functionality, detailed RF analysis with highly accurate measurements that includes full metrological measuring capability taking into account antenna gain/loss factors, intermediate transmission line losses and instrumental inaccuracies, geographic information providing geo-spatial co-ordinates in support of direction finding and drive by testing for telecom infrastructure including interference analysis with DECT and LTE, true SIGINT capability with advanced high frequency signals analysis at resolutions as fine as 1 hertz while recording I and Q with quality digital filtering and audio recording, or even the ability (restricted) to control jamming equipment and offer selective jamming capability in support of government, military and law enforcement operations. It should be noted that no high end “gamming type” laptop is required, nor are SSD or RAID drives necessary for any of the integrated receivers.
RadioInspector utilizes a security coded USB dongle for use and activation. Operators only need to remove the dongle from the     USB port to prevent access to the application or its data. The Security dongle also allows RadioInspector to be installed on as     many computers as the user chooses and if a computer requires maintenance or causes issues in the field the dongle can simply be moved to another computer requiring virtually no down time or sweep interruption. RadioInspector can also be run via local or remote control for 24 X 7 spectrum monitoring, analysis and complete sweep recording.
Last year alone (2014) RadioInspector added high frequency analysis, Signal Classification Analysis and Recognition System (SCARS), new significantly enhanced Bluetooth and DECT analysis, including the ability to detect and classify Bluetooth devices that have been modified to utilize non standard frequencies, which is an industry first. Along with these developments RadioInspector has also added new integrations by customer request including the Aeroflex 3251, 52 , 53 and 54 receivers, the NARDA IDA 2, NRA 3000 and 6000, Agilent N9320 and of course the much anticipated and requested integration with the low cost Signal Hound BB60C. In addition we will be announcing a new and unique Wi-Fi analysis system which is now in the field testing stage along with the Digital FAR (Fast Acquisition Receiver) System designed for use in mobile or tactical environments.
It’s not whether one delivers, but what they deliver that is important. Our customer base requires advanced applications and functionality and it is in fact these specific advanced features of RadioInspector that are now generating increasing world-wide  interest and comparative analysis. For the past four years our global partners have tested, evaluated and reviewed new capability  and functionality, had new features added and continue to do so. This provides a software package that is truly international in its ongoing development. Full training and complete professional support is provided from both North America and Europe in many    forms including via live online conference and orders are now shipping to high level clients in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.
From common, standard base application capability such as RF trace comparative analysis, receiver hand off, multiple spectrum windows and on-screen video demodulation to the extensive list of innovative and advanced features and functionality, recent enhancements with much more to come including new integrations, partner project announcements, new significant upcoming capability and European training and support, RadioInspector is well positioned moving forward as the single most advanced, specialized TSCM spectrum monitoring, analysis and SIGINT software application.

January / 2015
Verrimus Ltd. TSCM Operational and Equipment Specialist Training
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to announce a formal partnership agreement with Verrimus Ltd. to provide TSCM Operational and Equipment Specialist training programs to our customers across Canada and internationally. Verrimus Ltd. is a renowned training organization and respected consultant to government and law enforcement organizations in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. Verrimus offers the most advanced, cutting edge Specialist operational and equipment Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) training programs available anywhere!
Verrimus training facilities are dedicated World-Class Training Centres that include both aircraft and maritime TSCM training wings. With more than 25 live target areas including boardrooms, offices, hotel rooms, residences, vehicle and IT workshops along with fully functioning  aircraft and marine vessels, Verrimus training delivers an unmatched level of realism and sophistication. With a wide variety of independent training modules, programs can be customized for any requirement and are taught by top professional instructors from government, special forces, police and military service.
Complete operational and equipment training is available for professionals in the private sector and there are modules and programs restricted to government and law enforcement customers only. 
For more information on Verrimus Advanced TSCM and Restricted TSCM modules and programs, please visit the Training Section of our web site.
December / 2014
United Kingdom - November 2014
Our most recent trip to the United Kingdom in early November began with two days of scheduled RadioInspector demonstrations
and training with our European partners, utilizing our latest integration with the low cost Signal Hound BB60C spectrum analyzer
and RF recorder. This unique combination has generated considerable interest since its announcement in September 2014 and
the advanced software capability was quite evident along with a strong price vs. performance factor. Preliminary information on
our new, soon to be released stand-alone Wi-Fi analysis system was also provided. This system which includes both hardware and software components with independent 24 X 7 Wi-Fi monitoring and data collection capability is currently in the field testing stage.
The following 3 days were spent attending the CRFS Working Group Event, held at the Historic Duxford Imperial War Museum in Cambridgeshire England. This professional 3 day event included a variety of CRFS product and system familiarization and training seminars and also proved to be an excellent opportunity to meet with CRFS personnel as well as international partners and customers.
Our trip concluded with additional RadioInspector demonstrations and meetings in London with further demonstrations conducted
by our European partners during the last week of November. These activities, which now include scheduled live online training
sessions with feature and performance comparisons, combined with rapidly increasing customer demand have RadioInspector
now recognized for its highly advanced and unmatched TSCM and SIGINT capabilities.
In addition to these activities, taxonomy briefings were conducted for the Wireless Advanced Persistent Threat (WAPT). The
WAPT is a new class of Advanced Persistent Technical Threat associated with highly sophisticated 'state actors'. The WAPT Taxonomy has been presented and peer-reviewed by some of the world's most advanced cyber threat researchers and bridges traditional TSCM and Cyber Security.
We are pleased to have been asked to return to the United Kingdom in Early 2015 for further discussions with the TSCM and information security community surrounding the tools, technology and tradecraft to detect, analyze and respond to the WAPT's sophisticated threat vector as well as to continue with current evaluations and upcoming project plans involving RadioInspector.

November / 2014
RadioInspector - New Bluetooth Signal Classification Technology

A new Signal Classification Technology Bluetooth test component has been added to the RadioInspector DTEST (Digital Test) program. An active search mode has been added to the DTEST Bluetooth analysis feature. The active search mode uses the computer's built-in Bluetooth adapter to search for discoverable devices and learn their MAC address, device name and purpose.

In addition the passive search analysis mode has been modified and improved to enable RadioInspector to search for Bluetooth devices that have been altered to transmit using non-standard frequencies. This new feature is a 'first' for the TSCM and Signals Intelligence community and enables them to search for and identify highly sophisticated Bluetooth threat devices.
September / 2014 
Correctional Services Canada (CSC) Trade Show Event
Waypoint Counter Surveillance and CRFS were pleased to have participated in the recent
Correctional Services Canada (CSC) trade show event in Toronto, Ontario held in conjunction with
the Ministry of Community safety and Correctional Services Ontario.
The event was attended by Waypoint Counter Surveillance Director Rick Fox, CRFS Vice President of Sales North America Roy Keeler and CRFS CEO Alistair Massarella. On display was the RFeye receiver node system and delegates were provided live demonstrations with sophisticated RFeye system spectrum monitoring software.
Also on display was the RECON 2.4 tactical hand held non linear junction detector (NLJD). Demonstrations showed its compact design, ease of use and ability to detect both active and passive electronic devices
including cellular phones, sim cards and covert surveillance recorders / transmitters.
Following the trade show event, Alistair Massarella provided a presentation on the advanced CRFS RFeye
Sentry remote, distributed, real-time 24 X 7 RF spectrum monitoring, detection and signal geolocation
capability. The presentation highlighted the high performance and flexibility of this industry leading technology
for both wide-area and in-building applications.
September / 2014 
RadioInspector - Signal Hound BB60C Spectrum Analyzer and RF Recorder
RadioInspector now provides full, integrated support for the Signal Hound BB60C Spectrum Analyzer and RF Recorder. The
Signal Hound BB60C provides a frequency range of 9 kHz to 6 GHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of 27 MHz, and sweep
speeds of up to 24 GHz/sec offering a quality, low cost receiver package for RF spectrum monitoring and analysis.
Final testing is complete and confirms support for all of the advanced functionality of the RadioInspector TSCM and SIGINT 
software application including next generation 3D waterfall, Signal Classification Analysis Recognition System (SCARS), digital signal testing (DTest) with advanced GSM, DECT, Bluetooth, Tetra, APCO25 and DMR identification and analysis, on screen video demodulation and detailed audio spectral analysis of low frequency demodulated signals and artifacts (optional Wi-Fi analysis program is also available). The incorporation of a unique structured integrity protected database provides the ability to record and store entire sweeps from beginning to end at better than 9 KHz resolution with full playback of the recorded spectrum. 
RadioInspector delivers the most advanced RF spectrum monitoring, detection and analysis capability for an extensive list of professional receivers and spectrum analyzers which now includes the new Signal Hound BB60C.
September / 2014 
Nanuk Protective Case Authorized Distributor
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to be an Authorized Distributor of Nanuk professional protective cases. Nanuk cases
are designed to protect and transport the most sensitive equipment in the harshest environments anywhere in the world. Nanuk cases are engineered and manufactured to stringent military specifications and are offered in a variety of sizes and colours in standard or customized configurations. Nanuk cases are made in Canada and are virtually indestructable, lightweight and water
resistant, featuring high-impact resin and patented PowerClaw latches making them the ideal professional solution for all transport and storage requirements.

August / 2014
RadioInspector - Advanced DECT Signal Analysis
Challenging interference problems frequently affecting Telecom critical infrastructure are often intermittent and can be difficult to
recognize or attribute to a source. Recently, DECT wireless phones have been causing significant concerns for the Telecom
industry. North American Telecom companies are increasingly experiencing interference to their latest 1800 MHz LTE services
from DECT phone systems that have been procured from outside of North America. Booster amplifiers are readily available to extend coverage inside buildings and it is these boosters that can create havoc with LTE cell sites.
Depending upon which part of the world the DECT phone is manufactured and set up for, different frequency channels are used making it necessary for Telecom personnel to search through all possible DECT frequencies looking for potential sources of interference. In the 1800 MHz LTE and cellular communications band, in a real world urban environment, with multiple LTE
signals, the transient and wide-band nature of the DECT waveform is extremely difficult to recognize, identify and isolate from
other signals using standard spectrum analyzers and RF analysis software.
RadioInspector's Digital Test (DTest) program detects and identifies all DECT signal waveforms and performs enhanced digital
signal analysis of the DECT transmission parameters to provide base station and handset addresses (the DECT RFPI addresses) when the phones are transmitting. RadioInspector cycles continuously, quickly, and automatically, through all worldwide DECT spectrum allocations immediately detecting DECT signals that are sources of interference to LTE services. For each DECT channel/signal detected, RadioInspector provides a precise measurement (in dB units) of the received signal level in order to
search for these sources of interference by using the digital map and amplitude direction finding capability.
RadioInspector provides the most complete and detailed level of detection and signal analysis necessary to accurately and
precisely analyze the TELECOM environment and provide clear and accurate indications of potentially harmful interference to LTE-enabled critical infrastructure.
July / 2014
RadioInspector - Agilent N9320, NARDA NRA 3000 and NRA 6000
RadioInspector now provides support, including the DTest (digital test) option, for the Agilent N9320 spectrum analyzer and also provides support for the NARDA NRA 3000 and NRA 6000 spectrum analyzers, significantly increasing their functionality.
RadioInspector offers the most advanced RF detection, analysis and spectrum monitoring capability and the most versatility with support for a large and expanding list of more than 100 professional receivers and spectrum analyzers from manufacturers world-wide!
May / 2014
RadioInspector - Advanced Bluetooth Signal Analysis
RadioInspector’s Digital Test (DTest) option has been significantly revised with an enhanced, TSCM specific active search method for Bluetooth signals.
In active search mode, RadioInspector DTest commences searching for Bluetooth synchronized devices that are in the ‘allowable detection mode’ and provides their name and MAC address. This method shows active Bluetooth devices which although may not be a threat, may pose an emissions or technical security hazard.
RadioInspector also scans all Bluetooth frequencies and searches for Bluetooth emissions. Detected emissions are resolved
using the advanced Bluetooth signal analysis which demodulates the packet headers, analyzes and defines the Bluetooth LAP.
This unique capability detects hidden and clandestine Bluetooth transmitters such as key stroke loggers and covert Bluetooth-enabled radio room-audio transmitters, even if those transmitters are configured to be hidden from standard detection methods.
The enhanced RadioInspector Bluetooth signal analysis further increases the highly advanced capability of this industry leading TSCM, SIGINT software application.
May / 2014
RadioInspector - Signal Hound BB60A
RadioInspector now provides support for the Signal Hound BB60A spectrum analyzer and measurement receiver. RadioInspector support includes the sophisticated DTest (Digital Test) and Signal Classification Analysis Recognition System (SCARS) program features, significantly increasing the BB60A functionality. Support will also be available for the new upcoming Signal Hound
RadioInspector offers the most advanced RF detection, analysis and spectrum monitoring capability and the most versatility with support for a large and expanding list of more than 100 professional receivers and spectrum analyzers from manufacturers world-wide!
May / 2014
RadioInspector - Aeroflex 3250 Series Spectrum Analyzers / NARDA IDA 2
RadioInspector now provides support for the Aeroflex 3250 series (51, 52, 53, 54) spectrum analyzers with frequency ranges of
up to 26.5 GHz.
RadioInspector also now provides support for the NARDA IDA 2 analyzer.
April / 2014
RadioInspector - Signal Classification Analysis Recognition System (SCARS)
The latest release of RadioInspector now includes full implementation of the advanced Signal Classification Analysis Recognition System (SCARS). SCARS is a highly sophisticated set of RadioInspector software algorithms and sub-routines that automatically classifies signals by modulation type, using the receiver’s IQ data stream and recognizes the signal modulation from known standards. RadioInspector SCARS is implemented using a simple, effective, ‘Point and Click’ approach.
Analysis of each and every signal is performed within a selected frequency band with a sophisticated operator-selected rule set to
define SOI search parameters, such as searching by signal amplitude or by modulation type with recording of demodulated audio
and SOI I and Q. Spectrum and signal playback and analysis can be performed for individual SOI events, including detailed post-event audio baseband spectral content analysis of all AM/FM signals detected.
In the Point and Click mode, SCARS works in hand with the RadioInspector DTest program to recognize the standards of TETRA,
APCO 25, DMR, DECT, GSM, Bluetooth, and Analogue TV (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) with other complex signal standards to be
added soon. SCARS can also be easily set up to analyze every signal within an operator specified frequency range and where
AM or FM signals are present, SCARS will automatically include demodulated audio with full record, playback and post-event analysis.
With the common approach of simply programming spectral masks with generalized predetermined operator information, which
the receiver software application then utilizes to classify signals, no digital analysis of any kind is performed to determine the true nature of the signal being received. SCARS analyzes and decodes the actual signal wave form and data packets in the detected signal’s header information to provide fast and accurate real-time signal recognition, analysis and classification.
SCARS is the latest in a long list of advanced RadioInspector capabilities ensuring that professional TSCM and SIGINT
operators are provided with the highest level of functionality for all RF spectrum analysis applications.
April / 2014
RadioInspector - High Frequency Signal Analysis Capability
Our latest testing has now confirmed an advanced high frequency signals analysis capability, providing demodulation for AM/USB/LSB and CW plus recording of I and Q for post analysis for complex waveforms. RadioInspector offers HF and SIGINT surveillance and recording capabilities and can scan through the HF frequency bands at resolutions as fine as 1 hertz while 
recording I and Q, fulfilling even the most demanding HF SIGINT surveillance requirements. With RadioInspector, signals
"emerge from the noise" and the high quality digital filtering and audio recording provide greater functionality for HF intercept and SIGINT operations.
RadioInspector continues to offer the most advanced RF detection, analysis and spectrum monitoring capability with ongoing
development of new sophisticated features.
Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. was pleased to have taken part in the Milipol Internal State Security Exhibition, November 19 – 22, 2013  at Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris France in partnership with Acustek Ltd. With more than 20 meetings booked in advance with international government, law enforcement and security professionals our stand experienced a continuous stream of visitors and we would like to thank all those who took the time to stop by and make this event an outstanding success!
On display was a variety of surveillance and counter surveillance equipment including solutions to see, hear and penetrate through walls featuring the CPR4 human movement detector. Also on display was state of the art surveillance technology, a new dual colour (red and green) LED with optical zoom binocular camera lens detector and the former Milipol award winning LUX NLJD.
 Featured products included the new RECON 2.4 tactical hand held non linear junction detector (NLJD). The RECON 2.4 is the smallest and lightest NLJD on the market today featuring 2.4
GHz technology and 4 watts of power. During hands on demonstrations, visitors quickly
determined the solid straight forward robust design and covert nature was not only highly
effective but very simple to operate making it ideal for just about every application.
Also featured was the upcoming Fast Acquisition Receiver (FAR) System which includes high performance receiver technology
with upcoming in-building geo-location capability, shown and integrated with RadioInspector, the most advanced and powerful
TSCM and SIGINT RF spectrum monitoring and analysis software application.
RadioInspector utilizes an industry standard application programming interface with current support for a continually expanding
list of more than 100 professional receivers and spectrum analyzers from manufacturers world-wide. Visitors were presented with highly advanced features and capability including 24 X 7 stand-alone or distributed remote in-facility and area-wide spectrum monitoring capability with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity providing direct connections to an existing TCP/IP Network while communicating seamlessly and securely to remote computers anywhere in the world. The ability to detect, demodulate, analyze
and classify digital communications standards including DECT, Bluetooth, GSM (both up and down link), Tetra, APCO P25,
DRM / MOTOTRBO as well as AM, FM, analogue video (NTSC, PAL and SECAM) and Wi-Fi all at lightning speed was a showstopper.
The ability to record entire sweeps across the RF spectrum from beginning to end with extensive data storage along with post processing, including the ability to review all spectrum activity, signal analysis and spectrograms (both 2D and 3D) in user
selectable time with date and time stamps provides unprecedented detection capability and was an educational eye opener for visitors.
Additional highly specialized features including drive-by testing capability and the ability to communicate with RF jamming
equipment for adaptive jamming in support of government and law enforcement operations rounded off the impressive showing.
Following Milipol 2013, meetings continued in Paris for 3 days before stops in Italy, Germany and Ireland.
December / 2013
RadioInspector - Agilent N9000A spectrum analyzer
RadioInspector now provides support for the Agilent N9000A spectrum analyzer with frequency ranges of up to 26.5 GHz.
December / 2013
RadioInspector - Signal Hound USB-SA44B / USB-SA124B
RadioInspector now provides support for the Signal Hound USB-SA44B and USB-SA124B spectrum analyzer and measurement receivers.
Signal Hound has been added to the list of receivers and spectrum analyzers supported by RadioInspector from manufacturers world-wide.
November / 2013
North American Sales Agreement
Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. is pleased to announce a formal partnership that will offer more than 30 years of security
related sales experience to government and law enforcement throughout North America, providing increased market exposure
for our advanced equipment sales and product development division.
September / 2013
RadioInspector - Rohde & Schwarz FSV Series Spectrum Analyzer Support  
RadioInspector now provides full support for the Rohde and Schwarz FSV series spectrum analyzers with frequency ranges of up
to 40 GHz.
RadioInspector offers the most advanced RF detection, analysis and spectrum monitoring capability and the most versatility with support for a large and expanding list that now approaches 100 professional receivers and spectrum analyzers from manufacturers world-wide!
May / 2013
RadioInspector - AOR AR500 1D Support
RadioInspector now supports the AOR AR500 1D communications receiver significantly increasing its overall functionality. 
April / 2013
RadioInspector - Rohde & Schwarz FSW Series and FSQ Series Spectrum Analyzer Support
RadioInspector now provides full support for the new Rohde
and Schwarz FSW series spectrum analyzers with frequency ranges of up to 43.5 GHz and the FSQ series spectrum analyzers with frequency ranges of up to 40 GHz.
Support provides all of the advance capability of RadioInspector including the digital signal analysis features of the DTest program option, greatly enhancing the functionality of the FSW and FSQ series spectrum analyzers.
RadioInspector offers the most advanced RF detection, analysis and spectrum monitoring capability and supports a large and  expanding list of more than 80 professional receivers and spectrum analyzers from manufacturers world-wide!
March / 2013
RECON 2.4 Tactical, Hand Held Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD)
We are pleased to announce the new RECON 2.4 hand held non linear junction detector (NLJD), developed in a design and engineering partnership between Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. and Acustek Ltd. The RECON 2.4 is designed as a highly responsive, tactical, quick deployment counter surveillance resource for electronic device detection. The RECON 2.4 is the result of nearly two years of testing and development in Canada and internationally, working closely with the manufacturer and with direct input for the specific requirements of government, military and law enforcement agencies.
More than 10 NLJD's from manufacturers world-wide were evaluated in various testing environments including tactical searches
for clandestine electronic devices and international post blast I.E.D. tests and our design team was provided with unique insight into the tactical field use of NLJDs by military operators in Afghanistan. The initial RECON 2.4 prototype has been in government testing and evaluation in Canada and Europe for the last 3 months.
The physical design of the RECON 2.4 was selected for its compact, rugged, portable, simple one piece construction and used as the base for development and implementation of specific, targeted performance requirements. Other NLJD's including several hand held designs, some of which were examined to the component level, were rejected for reasons including, size, portability, battery, operational complexity, ineffective design, poor quality receiver and RF components, lack of sensitivity, and inability to withstand rugged field demands.
NLJD performance is more than just raw specifications but is the result of careful operational and technical requirements analysis along with side-by-side comparisons of other known fielded designs. Testing in actual field conditions using operators and
engineers with years of proven experience resulted in combining the right power level, antenna pattern and gain, excellent receiver design, calibration and no-compromise technical parameters. The RECON 2.4 provides an operator adjustable peak pulse power output ERP of 4 Watts with an innovative antenna design, a receiver incorporating ‘front-end’ precision-aligned filters that provide for maximum sensitivity and a new Lithium Ion battery that yields longer operational times. The one-piece molded case construction has been modified to enhance antenna characteristics for greater sensitivity while ensuring a rugged tactical design highly appropriate for field use and first responders.
The RECON 2.4 operates in the 2.4 GHz band and incorporates a highly advanced second harmonic receiver with intuitive and highly responsive display. With only a single patch antenna, the precision and rapidity of target location at close range increases over NLJD designs incorporating both a 2nd and 3rd harmonic receiver. The RECON’s second harmonic design offers greater operational simplicity, reduced size, and easily interpreted results requiring minimal training with highly effective performance at a significantly reduced cost.
The RECON 2.4 comes complete in a hard shell carrying / transport case including stereo headphones with volume control, test target, charger and operator manual.
The RECON is available world-wide exclusively through Waypoint Counter Surveillance Inc. and Acustek Ltd. and their authorized distribution partners.
Active members of government, military or law enforcement organizations can have an authorized purchasing agent issue us a letter to receive a copy of the NLJD field testing and evaluation results.
January / 2013
Hunter XD Differential Broad Band Detection System
A software update for The Shearwater TSCM Hunter XD is now available. The software update includes an additional readout for
the total field strength on the heads up display. The sensitivity control now has a 21 increment scroll setting with a near square
law characteristic for improved "homing in" capability.
The update is available at no charge and customers should contact Waypoint Counter Surveillance for information on having the update performed.
All new Hunter XD orders will include the latest updated software.
November / 2012
FDS Future Defence & Security Nordic 2012 Exhibition, November 27-29 Stockholm Sweden
Information, specifications and high performance capabilities for the Fast Acquisition Receiver (FAR) System featuring the advanced RadioInspector TSCM specific software application will be provided to delegates of the FDS Future Defence & Security Nordic 2012 Exhibition in Stockholm Sweden on November 27, 28 and 29th. The FDS is a pure defence and security exhibition in the Nordic/Baltic region showcasing new and highly innovative local and international products and technology.
The FAR System continues to generate increasing levels of interest internationally. The FAR was developed to be the most advanced TSCM and specialized radio spectrum monitoring and analysis system in the commercial marketplace, designed to meet the high threat level requirements of professional operators!
November / 2012
RadioInspector - Agilent N9030A Support and New ISBD Viewer
We are pleased to announce that RadioInspector now supports the Agilent N9030A series spectrum analyzer to add to the
already impressive list of supported high performance instruments.
In addition the new ISBD VIEWER is now available with RadioInspector. The ISBD VIEWER provides the ability to view a list of signals generated by RadioInspector that exceed a predetermined operator selected threshold, along with signal analysis
including frequency, bandwidth, time of detection, detection count and power under threshold. The signal list file can be exported 
to any computer with the ISBD Viewer installed and reviewed off site by an independent operator providing greater flexibility with remote facility installations and during real time spectrum monitoring.
RadioInspector is a sophisticated, technically advanced and flexible RF detection, analysis and spectrum monitoring software application like no other, supporting the largest and continually expanding list of professional receivers and spectrum analyzers world-wide!
September / 2012
RadioInspector - Rohde & Schwarz PR100 / EM100 Receiver Support 
We are pleased to announce the advanced RadioInspector spectrum monitoring, RF detection, location and analysis software now offers full
support for the Rohde & Schwarz PR100 and EM100 receivers.
Support includes full record and playback functions, multiple receiver hand-off and networking capability and a unique next generation 3D waterfall
spectrogram display. Identification and demodulation of digital communication  standards APCO25 and DMR / MOTOTRBO and analysis of GSM and Tetra networks are also supported with the advanced DTEST option installed.
In addition, full support is also now available for the Advantest U3372 with frequency ranges up to 43 GHz.
RadioInspector supports the most extensive range of receivers and spectrum analyzers available from leading manufacturers with the most advanced features and capabilities for professional TSCM operators world-wide!
RadioInspector has advanced TSCM software application and RF analysis development to define a new generation of capability 
for current and future technological requirements. RadioInspector can be integrated with virtually any receiver or spectrum analyzer and work is progressing on additional integrations to add to the already impressive and growing level of support which includes more than 75 instruments!
September / 2012
RadioInspector: Advanced Professional Spectrum Monitoring Software for RF Detection, Analysis and Location Applications at All Operational Threat Levels
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to introduce RadioInspector, a new generation of advanced highly specialized software for all RF detection,
location and analysis applications. RadioInspector offers an extensive list of features and sophisticated capabilities unlike anything currently available.
Features include:
Full digital signal processing, analysis and identification of Wi-Fi, DECT, Tetra, GSM, DRM, DMR, APCO25 and Bluetooth communication standards.
A unique, next generation, 3D waterfall spectrogram display with unlimited recording and playback at user controlled speeds,
zoom control, a GUI that can be resized and is scalable on the X and Y axis and colour enhanced signal level visualization for unprecedented detailed analysis and identification.
Real time analysis of any signal or frequency band with uninterrupted data collection.
Dual and multiple receiver hand-off capability.
Comparison of different spectral masks.
Full AM /FM audio and NTSC, Pal, Secam video demodulation.
Advanced unmatched RF signal analysis functionality including frequency and time techniques to detect spread spectrum,
frequency hopping or burst transmitters including signal waveform energy storage, determining the frequency or frequency band
of operation, signal bandwidth and other characteristics.
GPS RF mapping and logging.
Signal geo location capability.
Real time digital IQ and vector analysis.
Full IQ and live data recording and playback for post analysis.
Reliable efficient data storage.
Full networking capability.
and much much more!
For a complete list of advanced features and capabilities please visit the RadioInspector web page.
RadioInspector provides unparalleled performance, versatility and stability utilizing an industry standard application programming interface for secure reliable and efficient networking and data streaming.
RadioInspector currently supports an extensive, continually expanding list of professional receivers and spectrum analyzers
from leading manufacturers including Rohde & Schwarz, Agilent, Tektronix, Advantest, Anritsu, Aeroflex/IFR, Nex1, WillTek, WinRadio, LG Precision, AOR, ICOM and the new Fast Acquisition Receiver (FAR) System.
May / 2012
Counter Terror Expo 2012, April 25-26 London England
Advance information including specifications, features and advanced capabilities for the Fast Acquisition Receiver (FAR) System was provided to government, military and law enforcement organizations attending the 2012 Counter Terror Expo, April 25-26 in London England and was met with great interest.
April / 2012
Hunter XD Differential Broad Band Detection System
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to announce the addition of the new Shearwater TSCM Hunter XD to its list of 
equipment resources, further enhancing the professional TSCM services provided to our client base.
Waypoint Counter Surveillance utilizes a wide variety of highly specialized equipment resources selected for their innovation,
unique capabilities and advanced technology.
April / 2012
Hunter XD Differential Broad Band Detection System
Our TSCM Equipment Sales Division has announced the new Hunter XD Differential Broad Band Detection System. This unique system utilizes two antennas to detect the rapidly changing electromagnetic field created by near field radio transmitting devices, while rejecting the strong but essentially constant electromagnetic fields due to distant but powerful broadcast transmitters.
The Hunter XD represents advanced near field detection and location capability and is now available for order!
January / 2012
Bloodhound Wired Microphone Detection System
Waypoint Counter Surveillance announces the addition of the Shearwater Digital Bloodhound to its list of equipment resources utilized during our advanced TSCM survey / inspection services. The Digital Bloodhound is a one of a kind TSCM specific equipment resource designed to counter difficult to detect covert mic and wire audio surveillance with both passive and active detection modes.
Waypoint Counter Surveillance utilizes a wide variety of highly specialized equipment resources selected for their innovation, unique capabilities and advanced technology. 
January / 2012
Universal EMD and advanced TSCM Software Application Deployment
Waypoint Counter Surveillance successfully deployed the Universal EMD (Exotic Modulation Detector) for the first time during a recent high threat level TSCM operation. The Universal EMD was utilized to detect the presence of  visible and non visible light,
ultra sonic and inductive surveillance technologies moving the TSCM inspection process beyond the more common RF
transmission threat.
In addition to the Universal EMD, our new highly advanced professional TSCM software application was also deployed for the first time. Our software application, which will be integrated with the new  Fast Acquisition Receiver (FAR) System offers an
unmatched combination of features and capability that has generated significant interest during initial classified and non-classified briefings and demonstrations.
Our advanced research and development efforts in combination with our design and engineering projects have taken us past
the routine TSCM application process providing highly innovative solutions for the most sophisticated new and developing international intelligence related technologies.
December / 2011
Universal EMD (Exotic Modulation Detector)
We are pleased to announce the newly developed Universal EMD (Exotic Modulation Detector) is now available in North America exclusively through Waypoint Counter Surveillance.
The first production model of the highly advanced and unique Universal EMD has been extensively tested in our TSCM laboratory facilities in Canada and compared to industry standard broadband detectors and other TSCM and SIGINT industry benchmark
The Universal EMD can detect, demodulate and easily locate ultrasonic and inductive clandestine signals. No other universal search, detection or location TSCM tool is capable of detecting such modulation techniques, which reliable commercial
intelligence sources indicate have been in use by sophisticated attackers for at least three years.
In addition, LED lights incorporated in a covert surveillance transmitter or compromised electronic device as well as laser emitters are detected by the Universal EMD at distances in excess of 20 feet and the Universal EMD was the only TSCM equipment
resource able to detect and demodulate the transmission despite the presence of light induced camouflaging noise designed to
hide its existence.
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is committed to providing effective, innovative and highly advanced TSCM equipment resources through ongoing research and testing of new and developing technologies internationally.
December / 2011
Flir Professional Thermal Imaging Camera
Waypoint Counter Surveillance announces the addition of a Flir Professional thermal imaging camera featuring high IR resolution, laser point location, touch screen control and thermal sensitivity better than 100 mk NETD to our list of equipment resources for
use during our advanced TSCM survey / inspection services. 
November / 2011
CISC 2011 - Conference on Corporate Espionage
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to have taken part in the recent CISC 2011 Conference held in Ottawa Ontario Canada. The CISC Conference has instantly become the most important conference event in Canada relating to TSCM, corporate and counter espionage with unequaled presentations and information sessions, including Secret Level Classified Briefings, with
industry leading experts from members of government, military, law enforcement and the private sector. Also in attendance were
a complete array of exhibitors with the latest related equipment and technology. This major Canadian conference event attracted upwards of 400 participants.
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to have been authorized to perform SECRET Level facility TSCM inspections as per classified government standards for the protection of SECRET information during the CISC 2011 Conference.

October / 2011
Milipol 2011 Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to have attended all four days of Milipol 2011 in Paris France. Milipol is the largest 
event of its kind in the world and showcases both current and developing state of the art TSCM and intelligence related
technologies and equipment resources. Milipol attracts the most advanced professional operators, equipment developers and manufacturers to present their products and services on an international scale, many of which are not made available during
North American conferences and events.
During the 4 day exhibition, we were involved in and attended several closed door and confidential international intelligence discussions and technical information sessions with manufactures and operators from the professional government and commercial TSCM and intelligence communities across Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, United States and the Far East. Such events help keep us at the forefront of the TSCM industry in order to better address all new and developing threats at all operational levels internationally to provide the highest quality TSCM services and equipment resources for our government,
military, law enforcement and corporate clients.

July / 2011
Operational Update
Due to our continued growth, Waypoint Counter Surveillance has organized our specialized services into three distinct areas of operation, TSCM Services and Consulting, TSCM Equipment Sales and TSCM / CI Training. As an exclusive provider of professional TSCM services, this reorganization allows both our existing and future customers easier access to specific services
and information as well as enabling a highly focused approached to our already recognized commitment to quality, and customer service.
March / 2011
Urban Survival Preparedness and Emergency Planning - Certificate Training Program
Waypoint Counter Surveillance in association with WSC Survival School Inc. is pleased to announce The "Urban Survival Preparedness and Emergency Planning" training program, an initiative designed primarily for business, corporate and
government organizations and institutions to assist in preparing for emergency situations such as blackouts, severe weather, earthquakes, civil unrest and conflicts.
This program is offered in different formats including 1 day seminars as well a 2-3 day survival corporate team building retreat.
WSC Survival School Inc. is the leader in survival training and is operated by Senior Survival Instructor David Arama. David is
one the most foremost experts on wilderness / outdoor survival in Canada and has been providing programs for more than 30
December / 2010
Thank You and Happy Holidays From Waypoint Counter Surveillance!
Waypoint Counter Surveillance would like to extend a sincere thank you and a wish for a safe and Happy Holiday Season and
New Year to all of our value customers, partners, associates and their families. Our company has experienced tremendous
growth over the past year, from being selected to provide high threat level advanced TSCM services for events surrounding the
G20 summit during the month of June in Toronto, to our new customers from the oil, gas and mining, manufacturing and financial / investment sectors along with customers from real estate / property management and legal services.  
We look forward to our continued business relationship and the privilege of protecting your privacy, proprietary and confidential information with the highest level of professional TSCM services and the most experienced and skilled TSCM operators and
We have exciting news and developments coming early in 2011, so please check back for upcoming announcements!
December / 2010
TSCM Certificate Training Program

Waypoint Counter Surveillance in association with the World Institute for Security Enhancement is pleased to announce the
TSCM Certificate Training Program. This program is designed for both current and developing Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) operators as well as for those responsible for the contracting and implementing technical security
policies and programs.
June / 2010
Vehicle, Aircraft and Marine Vessel Services
Waypoint Counter Surveillance provides TSCM inspection services for vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels. These services are perfectly suited for private individuals, business, corporate, law enforcement and government clients with requirements that
involve any threat level.
Our highly trained TSCM Specialists are experienced in these specific environments providing a complete range of specialized TSCM services and programs.
February / 2010
Computer Forensics
Waypoint Counter Surveillance is pleased to announce it has expanded the services available to its customers to include
Computer Forensics conducted by a Certified Computer Examiner with The International Society of Forensic Computer
The way with which we utilize computers to collect, store and share information has made both computers and networks
increasingly common targets for obtaining information. With this in mind, the link between Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services and computers and their networks becomes evident. Waypoint Counter Surveillance has recognized the importance of computer security and has provided its customers with the ability to better protect their private and confidential information.
Computer Forensic Services are highly specialized and as such are provided as a stand-alone service. Our customers have the flexibility to have these services performed as part of a counter surveillance / technical security program or as an individual
security measure.

"Specialized Intelligence and Privacy Protection"

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